Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day - Part 4

Random parts of our long weekend...

Strawberries, dipped in white chocolate and sugar, that I dyed blue. Yummy! I forgot to take a picture until all the pretty ones were eaten already. Here are the "ugly" ones left. Delicious! Happy Memorial Day, and thank you to everyone who serves in the military. We have a few good friends deployed that we miss very much, and can't wait until they return!
Campout! They fell asleep watching movies together.
We had a music practice on Saturday too, for this song on Sunday - Only Ben knew the song, so we all had to learn it. It turned out very well, although I believe the sound balance was more "even" in person/live, than it is on the video. In any case, fun, a great song, and a worshipful Sunday!

Josh, Ben, Whitney & Jonathan, Anna, and Me
A cook out at Auntie Noni's! The kids love this tent, but not the bugs that get in it:-)


  1. LOVE that song! Have you listened to the rest of that Passion album? I'm sure you'll love Lecrae on there too ;0)

  2. I have not heard anything else on that album. I had never heard this song until Sat! :-) I don't really listen to Christian radio, so I tend to stick with old faves until I happen to come across a new one I like...so I am WAY behind on my current Christian music for sure.