Monday, May 9, 2011

DIY - Swiffer Wet Jet Refills

I love my swiffer wet jet. I find conventional floor mopping to be messy and a little time consuming. So I adore this little invention. Even though it necessitates the purchasing of the pads and the solutions. I do consider it a worthwhile investment in the on going cleanliness of my floors. I heard about this little DIY online, check it out!! It works like a charm! I've had one bottle for months now, and recently got another one from my hubby's jobsite, so I have to show you how!

Boil a little bit of water on the stove. Have your old swiffer solution bottle ready, as well as a sharp knife or scissors.
When the water is boiling, hold the cap in the hot water for 45 seconds to a minute. Then take it out of the water, and give it a good twist. (use an oven mitt perhaps, it will be hot!). The lid will pop right off.

Take your sharp knife, or scissors, and cut off all those little tabbies all the way around the cap. This will convert it to a normal twist top cap, so you only ever have to do this once! Then, rinse out your bottle, and fill with your own cleaning solution. I have hardwood and like to use water & vinegar, and my second bottle now holds water & Simple Green. I would keep the solutions liquid (like don't add baking soda or something), just so that it shoots out the sprayer nicely and won't get clogged up.
Simple. easy, and a major money saver! I've heard you can make your own pads (out of cloth), which would also save money, however, I'm not into that one. I used to have a mop system that used cloth pads, and I found it a pain to keep up with the laundry aspects of it, so I prefer the disposable for me.

Hope that helps you! Don't throw away your next few solution bottles so you can try this yourself!


  1. Very cool! I JUST bought a new bottle of solution a couple days ago but THEN I might give this a try!

  2. It really really works I've been doing it for several months now