Friday, May 6, 2011

Bouncy First

Grey's first time at a bouncy house...he's proving to have some of Brooksie's (and Mommy's) timid genes. Brooks (who has been insisting on growing his hair long, by the way. Hence the weird 'do. We need to figure out a long style that will work for him and those adorable ears:-). The princess party was at a bouncy house yesterday, and I didn't see Kenna for hours. She was in love! Brooks spent hours sitting on racing car arcade games, and "playing" them with no money, and then pestering me. Bouncy houses aren't much fun when you don't like bouncing. He loves our trampoline, but can't handle the bouncy frenzy I suppose. Grey wasn't a big fan either, but he warmed up to it, but sitting on the end of this slide. *how fun*
Can't wait until these two take on the world! A very sturdy, bounce-less world, if they have anything to do with it.

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