Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love/Hate - Videos

This is the dichotomy of Grey. Super sweet. Super mean. He's quite the roughneck. (Perhaps he's learning it from Brooks, who snatches from him in one video:-/). It's not enough to steal a toy from you, he has a swift bop on the head to go with it. Be nice and be gentle are things we are working on. So he goes from hitting to kissing :-) Just needed to get this aspect of his personality posted, before he changes and we forget what a ruffian he used to be! He really does love this puppy dog, despite the abuse it takes. He drags it around all the time. These short clips were taken from over 5mins of footage of him dragging the dog, kissing it, and hitting it:-)

Love the little curls he gets in the back, despite the desperate need for a haircut, its a scruffy kind of cute

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