Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Long Lost Friend - Video

The kids have been begging harassing me to go to the beach for weeks now. Since "summer is here". We've missed our beachy friend!

Well, yesterday we were blessed with a RARE situation!...Sonny was sick, so he didn't come. And Jordan (father of Jack & Ardyn) didn't have a track meet, so he picked up both kids by 3:30. Freedom!

What to do with those few minutes before dinner?...well I made Mom of the Year by suggesting we go take a walk on the beach!

We hopped in the car and less than 10 minutes down the road, we ran into the ocean:-) We love living here!
I told them the water would still be too cold. So we didn't put on our "summer suits". I was wrong. It was super warm. They got soaked and were essentially swimming in their clothes!
This was Grey's first time at the beach, as a 'big boy'! He didn't mind the sand, but was a little concerned at the water/tide.

The Justin Bieber look. It's always windy at the beach!
 Oh dear! I held him and let the water lap up around my feet and ankles. He kept looking down and said "ooo dee, oooooo deeee!" which is how he says oh dear! It was a very concerning phenomenon!
 Loving it!
 A remarkable sand castle they made
Grey's first few moments on the beach! He obviously has no recollection of the many times he went last summer.
And later he decided to run away. This is the shot of the first time water ever touches his feet (this season). Was he in love with it? Not really, however, he didn't cry like Brother used to :-)

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