Friday, December 2, 2011

Grey's Update

Grey is turning into a BOY! He is moving out of his "stare/glare" faze, and has started talking, smiling and responding to people outside our family. He's a bit of a rough guy, compared to tenderhearted Brooks. He has no "problems" pushing, shoving, screaming or snatching to get what he wants. He is capable of physically removing Brooks and Kenna from chairs, rocking horse etc, by yelling and yanking them off! They usually cry and don't know what to do, as they know defending themselves could hurt "the baby". So a whole new set of issues to address with this little guy!

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, he did a first for our family. He swallowed a marble (found under the couch when we moved it to clean). He didn't choke or anything, he literally swallowed it as soon as he grabbed it! I called the will pass! Sure enough, it was recovered on that Sunday.

He is talking more and more. A wonderful example of the evolution of his speech is Brooks' name. It went from Itsy, to Uhtsie, to Buh-sie, to the current Booksie. Kenna has been Nenny, Nenna, and is currently Kiki. He calls himself Gay-Gay. He's putting lots of words together for sentences and puts in a fair amount of gibberish still too.

He loves "Daddy's trucks", as he calls all trucks he sees on the road. He loves dinosaurs and sports too, although is not nearly as obsessed with throwing balls and catching them as Brooks was. He loves to read with us!

We love our baby so much, he makes us all smile!

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