Thursday, December 15, 2011

Indian Boots

So, a friend of mine Teresa, found this "modest" clothing company. As a former small chested gal (and now quite the opposite), it is very hard to find cami's and so forth that give adequate coverage. I've tried these items and love them! As part of a promo/fashion show I was able to get a cami for $11, and this dress (normally $65) for $20! The neat thing about the clothes is that they are fully reversible with a "high" side and a "low" side. Not sure if everything they sell is reversible, but I think so...the cami and the dress I have certainly are! Anyway, it's called Molly's Clothing, and is made so that regular clothing items purchased at the store (which may be very low, or too short etc), can be nicely adapted.

Anyway, on to the funny part...{and for background, First Nations, is what Canada calls the "native indians", just in case you have no idea what we are talking about - and this was the first time the boots have been referred to in such a way!}

Brian and I were going out last we are getting ready...

Brian: Arrrrrre you going to wear your First Nations boots with that?
Darla: uh, yah, I mean, they are kinda the only thing I have that goes with it
Brian: Doooo we think it goes?
Darla: Well, we love First Nation-y things, so I guess so!
Brian: So you don't have anything more...smaller?

Ok, so someone was not a fan of my choice of footwear, but given ALL my other winter shoe options, {and my new found desire to defend First Nations apparel}, I felt it really was my best choice, so I wore them anyway:-)

At the insistence of my Mother, here are some pics of the get-up. Notice all the feathers and dream catchers on my boots? yah...I didn't either:-D Kenna snapped the pics, and no, she didn't cut my head off. I did that in the editing process, as I really didn't want to redo the hair and makeup - and didn't want to detract from the beauty of the boots with my just got out of bed look.
I'll give you that I likely need better footwear, but short of a shoe shopping trip - this is where its at!

Wearing the dress on the "low" side. It has a cap sleeve.


  1. Awesome dress! now what was BB wearing?

  2. BB was ugly. As per usual:-D Just kidding:-) He wore his "nice jeans" and striped polo. His hair was better than mine.