Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crafty Christmas

Leave it to me to make Christmas a little bit homespun. Just because I feel like it keeps the holidays real and homey...and gives the kids something to do. And I like real creative things, cute things, handmade things, original things...THINGS! So I'll give you a few posts of things I did this year. You can stash them away in your mind for next year. This is something I saw on the Martha Stewart show, a la, The Letter 4. What a brilliant idea. I am in love! Let me 'splain this gorgeous, yet easy craft. Kid friendly too, if you don't mind glitter mess.

Cut citrus fruit in slices. I opted to only use limes, but any and all fruits would be delightful!
Pat juices off with paper towel, and bake in oven on a cookie sheet for 2 hours at 200 degrees, turning (and patting dry) about every 30 mins. This will dry them out. Once dried out, and cool, paint on some mod podge where ever you want glitter, and go to town!! Let dry, and tie with ribbon.
Can you tell which ones I've not glittered up yet?
Getting all the ribbons and messages tied on! The camera does not adequately capture the beauty and sparkle of these little ornaments. I will be making many more next year. I got to it late this time, and didn't finish with adequate time to give one to every one I wanted to. Spoiler alert for everyone next year, haha!!

"In debt, Amy? What do you mean?" and Meg looked sober. "Why, I owe at least a dozen pickled limes, and can't pay them, you know…"
"Tell me all about it. Are limes the fashion now?" and Meg tried to keep her countenance, Amy looked so grave and important. "Why, you see, the girls are always buying them, and unless you want to be thought mean, you must do it, too. It's nothing but limes now… If one girl likes another, she gives a lime; if she's mad at her, she eats one before her face, and don't offer even a suck. They treat by turns; and I've had ever so many, but haven't returned them: and I ought, for they are debts of honour…" Little Women (Louisa May Alcott)
Merry Christmas Friends! I owe many debts of honour, of which I cannot pay. I love you all forever!

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