Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Praying - Video

Here's our Brooksie praying. I tried to videotape him on the sly, so he wouldn't see the camera and get embarrassed. I'm sure it's probably a little sacrilegious to do this, but writing out the words doesn't do it justice, for the expression in his voice and on his face:-) He's so sincere...and can be quite the long winded pray-er! I've posted some as the kids quotes on the side bar of the blog, another funny one was "thank you Lord for my excellent brain and making me so good at math". These ones were pretty short, and of course, cute as pie. He's such a tenderhearted little guy:-)
*Booka-Chooka is one of Grey's nicknames. And in the second prayer he is thanking God for stealing the power back from Satan, in case that is a little hard to understand.