Friday, December 30, 2011


Time off can not be underestimated! I am feeling so rejuvenated!! We are not really doing anything at all...Brian is still working, but his jobsite is close by the house, so he can pop in for a little bit and take his breaks, which is sooo nice (and rare!). With all this spare time I'm finding...the house is clean and organized for once...and has stayed that way for a whole week so far. Talk about RARE. (It is incredible, by the way, the speeds at which 5 small children can destroy a house. I literally can not keep ahead of them, try as I might!...But I CAN keep ahead of 3!!) I've stayed up too late...but slept in everyday. WOW. We've just been having family fun, and fun with friends's nice to get a break and recharge a little. It won't be but a few more days and we're back to crying babies, messes,  schedules and school. C'est la vie!
Brooks' Angry Birds game arrived. They all love it! Here's Grey, playing "a-gah buh-ds" while holding the "a-gah buh-d". Still in his pj's, cause that's how we roll

What happens when you leave your kids to eat their dinner while you go do your hair and makeup. Less eating, more playing. Thanks Kenna!

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