Saturday, December 3, 2011

Time Off

Poor Brian...Let me tell you something about Brian. He works. A lot. The last vacation he took was going to Canada for Christmas...when I was pregnant with Grey (2009). He's had "moments of time" off - like going to his sisters wedding - from Friday to Sunday. But nothing that really counts as a vacation since the break in 2009! (Let me tell you something else about Brian - he hates working:-D)

He works anywhere from 12-16 hours per day. Six or SEVEN days a week. Usually it's six days a week, unless things are going terribly wrong, as they do from time to time, and then it's working on Sunday too, either for the whole day, or a half day. This is anywhere from 72 to 112 hours per week that he is out of the house working (either his superintendent job with Woodard or his own side work). I would guess his average is likely around 80hrs per week, with some weeks being very crazy, and some being more "normal" (Normal is a 12 hr day - Crazy is like the time in May when for a 2 wk period he was scheduled on a day job AND a night job, so he slept from 6am to 10am - working TWENTY HOURS a day...he worked 140 hrs in just one week!! - and lived off those pricey 5hr energy drinks)

He does not get paid by the hour. If he did, I'd be like Oprah and buy you a new car just for reading. That'd be nice, wouldn't it?!

So he does not get very many extra minutes in his life to hang out at home. Let alone do our projects around the house. So he took a week off of work. Haha. The poor man can't catch a break, can he?!

So he's been "off work" since Thanksgiving Thursday. It's been wonderful to have him around lots! Unfortunately he's still had to work:-) Finishing the bathroom, doing our yard again, cleaning the gutters, finishing painting the rental house. And lots of miscellaneous chores, like cleaning up the garage and his vehicles. But he's been around to visit with during the day! He's been able to hang out with some friends! He's been able to sleep in past 5:45am! All a very big deal and giving him a much need 'stay'-cation.

I can't wait to show you the bathroom, it is sooo pretty!! I'm going to NOT post any pics until its all done! We still have a bit of painting to do! I feel like I will be motivated to get it done fast (before Christmas) if I hold the big reveal at "ransom" until I finish:-)

Let me tell you, if ever there was a day, when we were caught up on our home renos and he consistently had 2 days off a week like a normal person...we'd be positively clueless as to what to do with ourselves!

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