Thursday, December 1, 2011

Brooks' Update

Brooks is a sweet little guy. He has already outgrown his speech "letter R issues", and is slowly outgrowing his nervousness and fears. He's sports obsessed, and very athletic, but yet still very much a thinker and nervous about life. He is showing quite a propensity for math, and still loves to cuddle when he wakes up. We love his zest for life! Here are a few questions I asked him on Thanksgiving Day (2011)

What do you want to be when you grow up? A rock star player. A singer, but I will not sing in front of people, only in my bed at bedtime. And when I grow up I want to be a teenager. And I want to have my own costume of Spiderman.

What is your favourite thing about life? Life? Life! Playing the kazoo, the rock star, the guitar...what else is my favourite instrument? ...the tuba!

What is your favourite thing about Daddy? He gives me great dinner, and I like how he makes our eggs, and I like how he is good to us and to my mom, and how he's wonderful and loves Jesus and hearts.

What is your favourite thing about Mommy? I love how Mommy tucks me into bed, and how she says good words to Dad. And how she loves Grey Grey

What is your favourite thing about your sister and brother? Grey Grey is so cute, and he's soooo adorable. And I'm very sad that he swallowed a marble, and I hope he doesn't die because then we wouldn't have him. Like if it gives him cancer, we have to go to the doctor to fix it. And my favourite thing about Kenna is when she wakes up, her eyes are all, like red, and puffy and her hair is all crazy all over the place, and I'm like Kenna, are you asleep? And she's like No! and I'm like, oooh. Well, so thats my favourite thing about my sister.

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