Sunday, August 8, 2010

All About Brooks

Brooks is almost 3.5 years old now! He is a smart little cookie with an extreme enthusiasm for life. He adores all things sports and music. His vocabulary is quite advanced, and aside from some "R" trouble, he speaks perfectly (he can say the R sound in some words, but not others...mostly due to laziness it seems). He is a "Nervous Nelly", and is afraid of things like popping balloons and playground equipment. He will be starting Kindergarten 2 years early, along with his sister. If he doesn't quite make all the requirements, we'll re-do next year, but I am fairly confident that he can handle everything, aside from maybe writing as neatly as sister does (still working on that fine motor skill). He is very tenderhearted and spontaneously grateful and complimentary on one hand. And on the other hand...he has spent a great deal of time on his bed (for time out), for whining. He's getting much better at that, but still needs some 'help' every now and again. We love his tender and kind heart, and that he still loves to snuggle.

Brooks is like...

looks - like Mommy/Uncle Kaden

raising eyebrows while talking - like Uncle Kaden

sucking the spit out of his cheeks (rather loudly), while talking - like Uncle Kaden as a boy

worry wart - like various members of the Kennedy family:-)

sports obsessed - like Daddy

"boston accent"/trouble with R's - like Aunt Lauryn as a girl

music obsessed - like all of his Uncles & Grandpa Kennedy

lots of little fears - like Mommy as a girl

wild and crazy look in his eye - like Uncle Brent (he is much more tame than Brent at his age tho'...and I'm grateful!:-)

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  1. Aw sweet little Brooks! You can always count on him for a laugh and a hug!