Saturday, August 7, 2010

Random Yummy

Ever eaten a fig? I hadn't until yesterday...Lauren has a fig tree in her yard, and they are finally ripe!
It's not at all what I expected...good, but different. Fine little seeds, similar to in Fig Newtons, but the flavour is light...faintly like a peach and pear, mixed together. Texture like a really mushy peach. You just scrape out the insides with a spoon. Or that is what we did. We are by no means fig experts, that's for sure!
Kenna picked me this really unique flower. Isn't it cool?
Hungry now? We love our homemade pizza! This one was onion and fire roasted red pepper. While we ate this...
Lleyton ate sweet potatoes...
And Puffs! He is just getting used to having something "chunky" in his mouth. It's hard for him to keep it in there until it melts (which is pretty quick!)
Sucking on it. They melt away to nothing very quickly when they get wet.
Trying to find it again!

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