Monday, August 9, 2010

Wedding dress

We attended the local reception for some friends this weekend (it was at our church, after church). Kenna was somehow under the erroneous impression that it was her wedding. Haha. While getting dressed, she brings me the most prized piece of clothing in her closet. A pouffy dress she was given for Christmas. It's a size 6, and she's a 4/5 right now, so it will be perfect for next summer. She has not been allowed to wear it, but REALLY really wants to, because it has crinoline and everything. But I know if I let her play dress up in it, it will be destroyed before it's ever worn 'for real'.

I told her to put it back. Tears. It doesn't fit you Kenna, it's for next summer. "But this is my wedding dress! What will I wear to my wedding?" This is not your wedding you know. "It isn't?" No we are just going to a party. Maybe Miss Lauren will be wearing her pretty wedding dress, but maybe not. It's just a party to celebrate when they got married because we couldn't go. (She did wear her wedding gown, much to Kenna's delight). I decided to let her try the dress on, on the condition that if it didn't look too big, she could wear it. It's a little big (long), but not embarrassing, so she was allowed to wear it, and she was very concerned all night about spilling on it. During the slide show and throughout the reception they had fun country, bluegrass, and old time-y love songs playing. So she got to spin spin spin in her pouffy dress. There is nothing better, when you are a princess wannabe!

Here she is, dancing with her friend Gracie on a stage off in the back corner (kid zone!). Brooks' request for wedding attire? His Peace Windows hat and guitar shirt. What a hillbilly :-)


  1. Aw, you're such a good mommy. I'm sure she was in her glory in "her wedding dress" - she's super cute. I always love stories about your adorable kids. I actually was reading some of your "kid quotes" to my family recently and had them laughing out loud over them.

  2. lol! that's so funny Deb, they sure do crack me up, so I am glad other people catch a laugh here and there:-)

  3. Kenna you look beautiful in your dress. I think it fits you perfectly!
    Nana Owens