Friday, August 27, 2010

Going Home

I will attempt to recap some of our trip, in several posts, so it's not too long or boring for anyone.

A few points before we case you read my blog, and are not related to me (I know there are a few of you out there:-).

1. I was born and raised in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). All of my extended family is still there.
2. My mom is from Kitchener, about 1.5 hrs away from Toronto (in no traffic). My grandparents still live there.
3. After I got married, my parents and some of my siblings moved to Northern Alberta.

So now you aren't confused...yes, usually when we go to Canada, we go to Alberta to see my parents, but since I am not from there, I don't hold any attachment to that place, other than my family being there. I haven't been back to Ontario/GTA since my sisters wedding in Mar '08. And I have definitely missed it.

So I managed to travel 1630 miles (or 2632 kilometres), alone with 3 little kids! My little car (btw, so dependable, that car has been amazing over the years) was kind of a concern to me, but it actually proved to be a blessing. I was easily able to reach the kids without stopping, and since there was no one in the passenger seat, we were able to bring more toys and food and such, and really, it wasn't as bad as you might imagine it would be (or could have been). The kids were phenomenal, they traveled exceptionally well, I am very proud of them!

Play places are a life saver on long trips!
We passed by a state park in West Virginia, so we stopped in for lunch!

We did a lot of eating, singing and talking!

She was a huge helper

We stopped once each way for the night. They loved the hotels. This one had a big whirpool tub. Awesome!

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  1. Such fun travel pics. Hope you made it home through all the traffic okay. Your kids are just adorable...or maybe I've already mentioned that. =)