Monday, August 16, 2010

Check in Soon!

We are taking a little trip, and I likely won't be posting while I'm away. Of course when I get back, I will have LOTS of posts and pics to share. We are going to visit family (my Grandma is sick with cancer, and she needs to meet the baby etc), before the school year starts. I am going to where I grew up (general area anyway), not to where my parents live, so there will be lots of visiting with cousins & relatives we haven't seen in a couple years. We haven't been back to the Toronto area since March of '08.WoW! So this trip is long overdue, and we are excited.

If you think of us, please pray for safe travels, minimal traffic holdups, and no breakdowns etc - I am driving with the kids, and Brian is not coming. So also pray for my sanity! :-)

I'll leave you with the last pics I've taken, of Jack's cake. It turned out well, tasted great, and he had a wonderful little 3 year old birthday! We love our Jack!

Toot Toot!
The cute little caboose:-)

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