Friday, August 27, 2010

Tasty Canadian Culture

Milk comes in bags. Love it. Oh yes, and whole milk is called Homo Milk. I'll wait while you stop giggling. That one never seems to get old, for Americans. (That and the pronunciation of Regina). Seriously people, grow's homogenized, that's why. And no, I'm not kidding :-)

It's not Mac 'n Cheese in Canada, it's Kraft Dinner. It's an identical product, just branded differently. The kids thought it was funny to call it Kraft Dinner when it was just Mac & Cheese:-)
Oreos are made by Mr. Christie...and they have Fudgee-O's (YUM!). Peak Freans, Dare...the U.S. doesn't know what it's missing!!
Eating one of Mommy's faves, Vachon's Ah Caramel. The most delicious little chocolate covered cake with icing and caramel inside
They loved Tim Hortons! Look at all the choices!
Our final selections. Notice my little Ice Cap in the back there? They are soooo good...even better than a Starbuck Frappucino (the flavour and oh-so-creamy). I miss Timmy's!


  1. Love this post. I read it out loud to Ben and it had us both laughing. I'd never thought of doing a post highlighting the differences, I'll have to do that sometime.

  2. I TOTALLY disagree with you on the iced caps! I think even 99 cents is a waste...but that's what I get for not even really liking fraps! :D

  3. lol, well if you LOVE fraps, you would love 'em too:-) You are too much of a coffee pure-ist, lol. Not me, I like the fake stuff:-)