Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Eclectic #VI

Starting about 7 years ago or so, Meghan, harnessing the power of iTunes, has made us an Eclectic Christmas Music Collection each year. We are are on the VI edition. That's the 6th, for those not so good at the roman numerals:-) I think last year maybe she was lacking inspiration and didn't do one. But the break afforded her ample time to come up with 15 more songs we have not yet had on our Christmas CD's. We love all these CD's and play them every year, they truly have the very best of Christmas music, all in one place. So here is a small sampling of the music we listen to this year, only 6 of the 15:-) Thank you Megs! The Eclectic Christmas Music is a highlight of the season!!

Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella - Downhere

Remember Me - Joey & Rory

Christmas and Me are Through - Your Vegas (She included this one for Brian. He loves this song, depressing as it is:-)

Christmas Eve With You - Glee (it's Puck and Rachel)

The Earth Stood Still - Future of Forestry

Song for a Winter's Night - Sarah McLaughlin

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