Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Train Cake, revisted

Last summer we made a giant (yummy!) train cake for Jack's birthday. He is the little boy I've babysat for the past few years. Well, this summer, his 4th birthday party we will be...when we are on a little vacation to Washington DC. Bummer! He really wanted yet another train cake for his birthday, and could not be convinced to pick another theme. He loves trains! So I made him a small cake, in keeping with the theme, but made it 4 days ahead of time, since I won't be here. Since we weren't sure how fresh a cake would be made and decorated so far in advance, his parents will get cupcakes or something to serve everyone, and just have this one be the fancy cake - or something. I'm not really sure, since I won't be there, haha.

So it's not very big, since I knew it wouldn't need to feed any amount of people. It's 1 cake mix, baked in 2 bread loaf pans. One loaf cut into quarters for the cars, and the other made into the engine. So that gives you the idea as to the size of it, really small and cute!
planning it out
all done!
Really cute!!

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