Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tinker Ride - Video

Today, we took the ferry across to Portsmouth, instead of driving. We had been planning our day trip for awhile (planned for when Brian is in MI for Ann's wedding). In telling the kids we were taking the ferry...well, I guess they just didn't know what we were talking about! They both started referring to it as the "Tinker". Like, "when are we going on the Tinker?" We had no clue what they were talking about for a minute. It's not a FAIRY, it's a FERRY, lol. Well, the name stuck and despite our corrections, a Tinker it is! Tinkerbell would be proud I suppose. Her influence has incredible reach. Here's Brooks talking about his Tinker ride.

Sitting on the upper deck, enjoying our ride. All the kids rode for free, so it only cost Ness and I $1.50ea. Can't beat that price for the thrills it gives the kids!

They've rode the ferry before, but can't remember it. They loved watching the "paddle" spin water around.
The amazing magnitude of these ships cannot be captured by a picture. Truly massive!

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