Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kenna's Bedroom - Reveal

Alright, it's about time, don't you think? The bedroom is finished, and ready for the big reveal! We actually finished it 3 or so weeks ago...but I'm just getting the pics up now:-)

In case you don't know this: our house isn't very big. At almost 1200sq ft, it's big enough, but not huge, and when you add in extras, like a craft-obsessed mommy. Office work papers for daddy. Toys for the kids. School books for home education. It gets a little tricky to fit it all in. At least in a orderly-everything-has-its-own-home fashion. Kenna's room became kind of the catch all for the office, craft, etc, stuff. It was time to give her a little girl space all her own, while still giving us a place for "all that".

So remember this post, where I tell of the room divider idea I had? I got all the curtains painted and ready to sew. I painted them first, only because Brian was super busy in July, and I knew he didn't have time to shop for - or hang - the thing the curtain would suspend from. I didn't want to cut and sew until I knew the exact dimensions from floor to ceiling. And I didn't want to waste time waiting. So I painted everything in the approximate dimensions and waited to sew it.

Keep in mind...the last thing I sewed was half my life ago. Literally. Half my life. It was back in the days when you could buy a pattern that looked like this:
Yes, I've kept the dress. No it doesn't fit me anymore. {Thanks Janessa for modeling it}. Keep in mind that I come from a family of Mennonites (my mom's side). They sew everything. My mom sewed all our clothes until I was pretty old. I remember we got to go pick out the fabrics for our dresses, pants, etc. *I* don't sew anything, aside from that dress (required homeschool home ec:-), and being the "gopher" for my Mom and Grandma when they sewed up a storm for my wedding (4 dresses, 1 pillow).

Somehow, I had it in my mind that I could sew curtains. And what do you know? I can! After 16 years of rusty experience, I think it went quite well. I was only sewing straight lines, after all:-) I even taught Janessa a thing or two, like, you can sew over the pins, if they're straight. {Mom, you better educate the girl, lol}. I decided to cut the large canvas dropcloth into that it would be easier to move only portions of it to the side.
There are a few places I'd like to add a few painted flowers...since I painted and then cut/sewed, some of the spaces ended up more bare. But it generally looks just fine, I'll add some in when I have a boring minute! Brian hung an amazing airline cable type of taught wire across the room, so it doesn't sag at all.

So behind there? The multipurpose area of the room. Piano, School stuff, and craft table. It's pretty messy, but hey, that was the point of the curtain!
Her bed. And an extra too! She sleeps on the bottom for now.
The cute bedding was the inspiration for the room!
Her dresser. The wall looks blue in this pic (lighting?). It's all the same pale purple with white trim.
So cute! And during the week we have...KIDS! Ardyn takes her naps in the pack n play in Kenna's room.
I'm loving how it turned out, and Kenna loves it too. Whew!


  1. Great job, Darla...I couldn't even sew that much, so yay for you!

  2. Looks good. Love that Kenna has a special place all her own:)

  3. Looks so good. I love it! I do have one suggestion for you - paint that dresser white and do a little glazing in the grooves. It will look amazing!

  4. actually, I wanted (want) to paint both the bed and the dresser, but Brian has a thing about painting over real wood. Maybe eventually he'll let me do it. For now, it remains...but yes, I soooo want it white, distressed in the grooves.

  5. Ok, so then my next piece of advice is, obey thy husband! :)

  6. Darla, Trevor's the same way about painting real wood! I have a couple of lovely wood bookshelves I'd love to paint white but there's no point in even asking him!!!

  7. I get a little jealous of all these DIY bloggers who are constantly repainting everything in sight. Apparently their husbands don't care about real wood, or expensive pieces. Mine is just too...caring. Darn:-)