Monday, August 22, 2011

Hotel & Cousins!

Well, our trip to DC was planned awhile ago. My Aunt & Uncle are on their way to Myrtle Beach for their yearly vacation, and instead of stopping by our house on the way (which has been the tradition), we all met in DC. So fun! The only major disappointment was that Brian was not able to come. About 4 weeks ago he was assigned a weekend superintending job with work. Since he needed the previous weekend off to attend his sisters wedding, he couldn't get 2 off in a row:-( We missed him.

Our home away from home was full of fun for the kids! Grey got the biggest kick out of this "old fashioned" phone. He's never seen a phone cord before, and loved to "boing" it!
He was also the self appointed light-turner-on-er. Anytime asked for lights on or off, he delightedly obliged us.
Asleep! Finally! Grey is teething (and generally crabby when lacking sleep). About 2 days before leaving, his 1st molar (and 7th tooth) poked barely through. While we were there, it came all the way up and its a big tooth now!! So he was pretty miserable with the tooth and the lack of naps. He's a bear.
A game they invented:
The only rule? "No stepping on heads"
Cousins! So, this is how it works. Trevor is my uncle (my mom's youngest brother). He is only 10 years older than I am. Caralyn is his wife, and is I think only 5 years older than me. She was one of my bridesmaids! So it's fun to hang out with them and their kids, since they aren't like the "sitting around knitting all the time" kind of OLD people;-) We always have fun with them!
Keeley and Janessa, cousins!
Interesting about the names thing with Kenna: It's Keeley Shae & Kennedy Shea...and Tatum Makenna & Kenna. Kinda weird right? We weren't trying to copy, promise!
Kenna & Tatum
Holden is only 9 months older than Kenna
Brooks and Holden
Teegan and Grey
Grey LOVED running the halls!

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