Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hatch & Hazel, our pet-sitting Great Danes have been awesome. The kids (& Nessa) have been loving them so much! One small (funny) incident. Monday night just after 4am Hatch started whimpering and whining at the door, so I got up and took him out (if it's not a kid it's a dog, right?). He did his business and came back in the house for the night.

In the morning I noticed this torn-into bag on his "carpet"/bed. What is this?? It looks like a bread bag...? I immediately look over to the counter. Where is the loaf of bread I took out last night to thaw? It was a super giant loaf, from Costco.

One thing I hadn't anticipated was his height (he could reach the top of my fridge if he tried!). And his appetite (mind you his bowl, full of dog food was readily available to him). What dog can eat that much bread?! No wonder he had to go to the bathroom!

We had a really good laugh about it. And had no bread for lunch at all. It was my last loaf, lol:-)
He made tidy work of his thievery, leaving behind plastic evidence and no crumbs.

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