Monday, August 22, 2011

Museums & Americana

We went to lots of the Smithsonians! We got to see the original flag, but no pictures or video were allowed, but it was neat. Another thing I enjoyed seeing was the inauguration dresses of all the first ladies. My favourite dress was that of Nancy Reagan. I for some reason missed getting a pic of it. I got LOTS of pics, but will only post a few highlights.

Keeley, just hanging out.
The monster fell asleep and gave us about an hour of peace and quiet:-)
Museum of Natural History, Tatum and Brooks.

Brooks was in his glory with all the dinosaurs around!

Holden & Brooksie boy
We are little!

A huge bear!
Janessa plays the violin, so she liked the instrument displays

How American: Farah Fawcett's bathing suit, Tony Hawks skateboard, and Eddie Van Halen Guitar. all in one little case:-)
Original muppets

The chairs from the TV show, All in the Family

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