Saturday, August 13, 2011

Childrens Museum

Our "tinker ride" (ferry boat) landed us in Portsmouth, just a block away from the Childrens Museum. So fun!! The kids had a blast!
They are almost all the way inside a bubble. Amazing!

He loved running around!

Controlling the cargo by a crane


Making music in the "drums" room

A real fire truck

Three Australian marsupials!

Who shrunk Nessa?

Poking their heads out the "gopher hole", waiting for the train to pass by!

Enjoying our picnic lunch. Grey loves to pass food mouth to mouth, like a bird:-)

Splash pads at Waterside to end the day! Someone was sad we had to go!


  1. We went to the museum the other day... but for whatever reason it was super crowded and a mad house! The kids thought it was boring! hahaha. I feel like if we had spent more time, they would have enjoyed it more, and if there wasn't hundreds of kids.

  2. if there are too many kids, you might not get a chance to do anything! We went first thing in the morning, so perhaps as the day wears on it gets more crowded. We left at 12:30, and it was getting a little crazy on the main floor, so we went upstairs!

  3. Looks FUN!! I was catching up on the crazy things the Bolger kids say and read the one about my twins. Hahaha! so funny. We need to get together for dinner out at our place.