Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day!

We've lived here for 6 years in June...and this is the first time we've seen real snow!! There's been a big storm coming through the southern states, so it's been dumping snow on lots of places that don't normally see any! Our normal snow each year is just snow blowing in the air, but not really landing or sticking. I think it has done that once per winter since we've been here. Back home it would be like a heavy frost or something:-) Not today!

Yesterday morning (Friday) a state of emergency was enacted for the state of VA. The military was activated to prepare to drive around in humvee's and help people in accidents etc...this was at least 18 hrs before the snow started to fall, lol. Over reaction? Maybe just a little! The hazard around here is that there are no snow plows. So no way to plow or spread salt/ that can make driving crazy. Basically you should just stay home in my opinion, it's only a day or with everything closed down...where do you really need to go anyway?

Last night we were at a birthday party and headed home around 10:30...perfect weather! When we woke up this morning, we saw this:

The kids were elated! We had to bundle up and go play in the snow at 8:30 in the morning!

We don't have any snow pants...and only 1 pair of hand me down snow boots, that we're a little too big still, but they worked! Brooks had to wear his shoes.

Our house, covered in snow:-)

It's pretty deep. I think we are expecting possibly over a foot of snow by the end. Right now when I put my hand in the snow it comes up to my palm, so that is a couple of inches already at least.

We don't own a snow shovel...never had need of one before! Brian took my kitchen broom out to dust off the car. He is going to venture a mile down the road to get to the bank. We'll see what he says about the roads when he returns!

Making snow angels

They LOVED it!

Trying to un-bury the tree. I think the poor tree is dead.


  1. I think you now have more snow than us. Of course, we beat you in "coldness." The kids look like they're having a ball!

    Off to Snow Valley tomorrow for some homeschool skiing. Remember those days???

  2. Apparently we haven't had this much snow in this area in 28 years. Wow. The roads are a mess b/c of lack of plows and snow-driving knowledge. All work and school is canceled I'm enjoying my day off!