Saturday, January 23, 2010

Drums, Piano & Dance Moves - Video

Here is a short clip of more family music with my brothers and Dad. *If* there were ever a way to win your way into heaven, it would have to be this: Allow your children to play drums in your livingroom. lol. My poor mother! It is very loud in there, somehow on the video, it doesn't really sound that bad, but it's pretty much too loud to concentrate. Brooks was all into "the drums" in theory, but once they got going, he got scared of how loud it was. The piano portion is Logan just making it up as he goes...the piano at the Holiday house was an electric piano (imitation baby grande type of thing), the whole thing would shake violently as he would play! Anyway, I guess Brooks was touching some of the buttons, and turned on a drum beat, so Logan took it from there. There are various people during the video inspecting the piano, trying to figure out how Brooks did that...they didn't know how!

Kaden - drums
Dad (Dave) - electric guitar
Davis - bass guitar
Logan - piano

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