Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just Hanging Out

I will post more group pics here, for those that want to see the family all grown up! These are some random shots...

The Christmas Tree at the 'Holiday House'

Kaden, Lehman, Davis, Logan & Brian...there were quite a few xbox, wii & pool/snooker tournaments going on with the guys

Lehman played Mario Cart racing with Brooks on the Wii. Lehman was in control, but Brooks thought he was. He would steer that thing so furiously! He loved it! (They also have matching pj's:-)

Decorating and eating cookies. We kept bandaids over Brooks' stitches to try and keep food and drool out of the wound, until it was well healed. Auntie Liana made sure we kept it clean, and she removed the stitches. It's really looking good! Thanks to Mederma, we might not even have much of a scar to show!

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