Sunday, January 3, 2010

Boxing Day Injury

Upon our arrival, we learned that we were staying at a "Vacation House" instead of my parents. Yay! They are house sitting for a friend who is out of town, and they have a very big home! I'll post pics of that in another post, it's been fun, and a nice bonus of not all being so squished. With all of us there are 18 people here, then for a few days another family stayed too, with their 4 we've got a full house!! (Another bonus, is this house has satellite, which equals hi-speed internet, yay!)

There are lots of stairways and sunken rooms etc...and on the first morning of the first day (while I was in the shower), Brooks fell and gashed his chin on one of the sets of stairs. Not a huge cut really, but very deep...stitches! Poor kid! It's the first "serious" injury for either of the kids. So off we went to the doctors to get him fixed up (4 stitches). The doctor wrapped him in a blanket to restrict his movement, and then Brian held his head still, while I held his body/legs relatively still on the table. He did well with the whole ordeal, but he definitely cried more than I've ever heard him cry, and he kept saying "Where are you Mommy" and "Hold me Mommy, hold me!" Poor little guy. Immediately after the doctor was done stitching Brian held him and he said "Fank you for fixin me doctor" through his tears. It was so cute. But now he claims to be brave and strong and is getting ample attention over the whole thing. Auntie Liana (a nurse) removed them yesterday morning (6 day mark), and it's looking good. Hopefully as it heals it will only be a very small, if any, scar. Thankfully too, it's on the under side of his chin, so it is not noticeable from a straight on view.

Getting ready to leave

Before the stitches, he was actually in quite a good mood, considering.

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  1. oh man! Poor little guy! Quite the ordeal to go through on his Christmas holidays. It'll be an unforgettable Christmas I'm sure ;)