Monday, January 4, 2010

The Frozen North

Being so far north is a curious thing to those that have never experienced it. The great thing about summer is the loooong daylight, and the downside of winter is the short daylight. Makes it wonderful for sleeping in though!

It's also cold here...temps varying each day of course, but it's been in the negatives (for both C & F) every day so far! = -28C one day, which is -18F. It's not very windy though, so it makes the cold seem not quite as cold somehow? Brian almost got frostbite on his toes, skating on the pond one day, so it's cold enough!

7:45am, the porch light from a neighbours home is all you can see!

9:45am, the sun is up! This day it was foggy/hazy. Other days it's a bit better weather, therefore, brighter/blue sky.

Sun setting at almost 5pm.

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