Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Trip Home

We were scheduled to leave on the 15th, which was actually an extended stay from our original return date of the 10th...because of the mechanical failure and delays in getting to AB, Air Canada (who has great customer service by the way), extended our trip for no additional costs or fees. So we boarded the plane on the 15th, and were ready to go...I handed out gum in preparation for take off...and then, the dreaded announcement, mechanical failure. AGAIN! With the next available flights out being the 16th, with an overnight stay in Montreal until the 17th.

So my mom picked us back up from the airport for another day. We decided to keep it a secret from my Dad (a taste of his own medicine!), and when he came home from work, he was very surprised!!

Brooks, explaining that our plane was broken

We hid in the livingroom and surprised him when he came into the kitchen. He was speechless! He thought we were almost home by that time.

Our luggage by the frontdoor, so he wouldn't see it when coming in through the garage.

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