Thursday, January 28, 2010

My New Maid

Some pictures of my new dishwasher, installed, and working! (on Jan's been 5 years since I've had this luxury!)

And my Christmas present, a new sink and faucet!! for the countertop, I know! One improvement at a time:-)

To install the dishwasher, two of the lower cabinets had to be cut out...losing valuable cabinet space (I really don't have much!). So some kitchen reorganization was in order! Brian and his family started on this (trying to find places to put things) while I was still in Canada. I am still trying to tweak it all and figure out what works best. Beside the fridge is this wire rack, acting as a pantry of sorts, holding some appliances, and lots of canned goods etc. Although neat, it was looking cluttery due to the variety of cans and boxes etc just out in the open, so I draped a tablecloth over it, and it looks much better! The tablecloth does not reach the floor though, so I will have to do something a little better/nicer, but this works for a temporary fix!

The ladder bookshelf had been against the wall where the pantry now it had to find another home. I think I like it here. The walls in the livingroom and kitchen are all painted now, again thanks to Brian's family doing this while I was in Canada. The wires to the tv are still not hidden in the wall...another project for Brian to work on :-)

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