Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Holiday House & Little House

Well, we were expecting a vacation with my family, in their home...boy were we surprised when we arrived! It was fairly late, and we'd been up since 4am with traveling, so I didn't look great...we were met at the airport by the entire gang, and started for 'home'. After making a few twisty turns through town, I realized I didn't recognize anything here...normally it's a straight shot down the road for about 3o minutes...this wasn't the right way...I turned to the girls and asked where are we going? Just then we pulled in, I thought, GREAT. It's a party or something to meet all their friends and I look like crap:-) Much to our surprise, we discovered that this is where we would be staying. Wow! My family is house sitting for some friends that left town (for warmer climates & travel) for the winter. They kept it a surprise from us, and we were definitely surprised! It was very nice to have so much space, given the amount of people there, and they also have hi-speed internet, cable, and massive televisions. One projector type system's screen takes up an entire wall...and actually made me a bit dizzy until I got used to it. Like being up front at the theater! It was awesome!

The Holiday House. We stayed in the room with the little balcony over the garage.

The Little House (as it was dubbed, the Little House on the Prairie, by Kenna). This is where they really/usually live! We made a couple trips back to feed animals, and start on a bathroom remodel, and the kids loved it there! Notice the vehicle...no more 15 passanger big blue van that had been our trademark growing up...and now no more minivan (dubbed the suffocator, or the black lung, due to a problem with the ventilation...it would blow dust on your face, it was pretty funny). The family vehicle is now an 8 psg Acadia. The kids say "Acadia" to the tune of Activia from the commercials:-)

The skating rink, on the pond at the Holiday House

When fog freezes on the trees, it's called hoar frost. It's very beautiful. We never had this in Ontario growing up.

More hoar frost

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