Sunday, August 4, 2013


We brought dinner to Daddy so he wouldn't have to stop working, and we ate with him in the lunchroom. This is where the work gets done! The company Brian works for has a huge shop (they do their own custom cabinetry etc), and this is how it's possible for him to make our cabinets himself - he has the knowledge and skill, but we don't own the tools or have the space to put them, so it's a blessing to be able to use the Shop, for sure!
Where the magic happens:-)

Brian, hard at work

This is a pantry cabinet, in the making
This is a never before seen pic of Brian's office. It's "totally full of paper" as Kenna put it:-) Lots of jobs to keep track of, and bid on!

This completely cracked me up! Brian never told me that his coworkers put a little something on the fridge for him awhile back:-) Remember last year, how when I was in Canada, a possum moved into our house and scared Brian right out of the house...running off to sleep at his sisters? Well, after the initial cowardice (hee hee), he displayed great bravery by trapping the possum in a live trap and taking it far far away to make a new home in the forest. His coworkers obviously had a little fun at his expense:-)

Brian, a "regular person", an often-shirtless problem-solver holds up an opossum before releasing it back into the wild, far from his Norfolk home.

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