Sunday, August 11, 2013

Meet Lobby

Here is the story of how we came to meet Lobby, da Lobs-tuh.

Yesterday, around 3:30 in the afternoon - it started raining. Promptly, the power went out. We almost never lose power for more than a few minutes, even in a hurricane. Come 5:30, the power was still out, the storm was long over (it was a quick one!), and the kids were "starving". Well I was wracking my brain trying to think of what I could make for dinner, other than a tossed salad, that didn't require any cooking. I wasn't coming up with anything.

So I called Brian (working on a jobsite) - Wanna meet us at a restaurant?

We decided to do a Hibachi Grill/Chinese Buffet place. The kids were sooo excited for this surprise treat. The side bar of Kids Kwotes will give you a few a funnies from our night in the dark:-)

While going through the buffet line, I noticed they had crayfish (turned out they were actually baby lobsters). I whispered to Brian that he should get one for our bug-pet loving boy, so he did. It was love at first sight.
A new dinner time companion
When Brooks and I got up to make another pass through the buffet line, the Pranksters in the family (Brian and Grey) decided to leave a little surprise on Brooks' chair for his return.  Little Lobby was happily perched in his seat:-) A horrified Brooks burst into tears upon seeing the chair that he can now no longer sit in. Brooks is sooo my son. The rest of the evening contained many jokes at Brooks' expense and his "guuuuuuuyys!" retort, while holding back fresh tears. It takes awhile to get over a fright like that:-D Poor Brooks. He'll be bwave wike Gwey soon (we hope, haha:-)
Awwww, wook at him!

"Take a picture of his cute eyes, Mom"

He literally shared his ice cream popsicle with Lobby, digging his little claws right in there!
Sadly for some, and gleefully for others, we had to leave Lobby behind.

When we got home (close to 8pm), the power was still out, so it was straight to was really dark! It was also really hot! With no a/c or fans available...sweating! The kids were complaining, and my suggestion - that they sleep in their underwear was rejected by all but Grey, who seemed thrilled at the idea. "Wook at my naked tummy!" Lol!

It was lighter outside, but very dark inside and it was too buggy to stay at 8:30, a bored Brian and I went to bed. There really is not much to do in the dark, that is for sure. Especially when you are not prepared for it. It was a really muggy night, unfortunately, and I slept fitfully - I don't sleep well when I am hot...until 4am, when all the lights came on, and the wonderful hum of the fridge, the a/c, the fans etc resumed. Ohhhh how I LOVE electricity!! I have noooo idea why on earth the power was out for over 12 hours, but it really made me glad to have it back, for sure!

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