Saturday, August 3, 2013

This Week

Summer - oh summer! I need to get back into posting and taking pics, we've been pretty lax about it all since getting back from Ontario. We've been swimming along nicely here. Buying school supplies and making/putting together a preschool program for Sonny and Grey.

Making a school and daily routine schedule that we are testing out (chores-wise) anyway, to see if it will work for us.

Getting better from colds/sickness - I still have a sore throat and a constant low-grade headache, but we're good otherwise.

And the beach. Always fun at the beach!

Brian's building and installing all the rest of the cabinets (lowers and pantry) - When he installed the sink lower, obviously all the plumbing had to come out and go back it...and it couldn't be used for about a day (sink or dishwasher). So I had to do a round of dishes in the tub. The kids thought this was the BEST.
We ordered our countertop, and backsplash!! There were 20,000 choices, and we narrowed it down to 4 or so...and we picked the 4th choice in this pic (the one on the R). Countertop is being made and they gave us a 2 week turnaround (from Thursday I think). I'm secretly hoping it gets done a little quicker, but that's ok! Our backsplash materials will be here much sooner (shipping to home from Home Depot) - wanna see? This should be the link here. Oil Rubbed Bronze wall tiles. This was NOT an easy decision.

In fact, at one point in Home Depot, Kenna asked why we were arguing so much. I snapped, "we're not arguing, we're discussing" HAHA! Brian and I have very different styles, tastes, and opinions about what looks good together. In the end, although maybe not the fave style of all involved, we decided on the wall tiles, mainly due to the cost and our budget restraints. Doing these tiles will save us 50% or more of what it would cost to do a tile backsplash, which sold us both on the idea.

We decided to do the oil rubbed bronze for the hardware too. Tying together the dark floors, light cabinets, and countertop. I hope these links show up/work from ebay. A few choices. Have an opinion? Let us know! Our frontrunning choice or something like this. Brian does not want any knobs, only handles for all the doors/drawers.

So next week I'll update with more pictures of the progress. Another perk Brian installed this week - under cabinet lighting! Yay!


  1. I personally like the 1st choice for the handles. I don't know why specifically, I just do :) The kitchen is going to look great!!

  2. I do too - only they are more than $1 more pricey who knows what will win out in the end. My style or my wallet:-) They don't have to be put on immediately either, we could save for a bit.