Friday, August 9, 2013

Ontario Video Footage

I am finally getting around to editing the video footage I took from our trip to Ontario. My kids have not stopped raving about Uncle Mark, Auntie Lauryn, (their house!) and TeaTea, Kayla & Caney since we left! A new fave saying around here (when told to hang on or wait) is "I can't! My bum is freaking out!" Lil Miss Kayla is hilarious, adorable and charming - and she gave us that great line:-)

00 - Kayla singing
1:41 - Canaan taking steps
2:23 - Impromptu dance party
3:11 - Some baseball technique from Uncle Mark
4:30 - Waving to the house I grew up in as we drive past
5:01 - Grey's turn at baseball
6:22 - Some catch
7:03 - Rolling down the hill in Kitchener
7:58 - Some shots of the Kennedy Family get together

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  1. Lauryn, you sound amazing! I miss hearing you sing Lauryn :(