Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer's Over?

A pic from during our power outage this weekend, outside splashing in the puds! I am totally on the hunt for a cool pair of rainboots for myself. I'm tired of getting soaked to the knee in's only been 9 years, and I've finally had enough to cave a buy the stinking boots! Looking for something cute & classy:-)
Guess who's starting pre-school this year?...
Sonny & Grey!! I took their pictures this morning so I could finish up their school binders. Don't these pics say it all?...
Sonny is sweet and Grey is a cheesy ham. LOL.

We aren't quite ready to have Sonny & May back yet - but soon! Summer flies by! I am watching them for today only (a teacher work day). It's been a great day. It's interesting to see what we'll have to work on the first few weeks - Kenna micro manages May to the point of complete annoyance (mine & May's:-) - May is a screamer when excited (the forever rule in my house is absolutely no screaming. Ever. I don't care if you're playing or dying). Grey seems to have gotten better with his sharing (at least on the 1 day trial, haha!!), and Sonny has gotten better with keeping his attitude "up"!

So, all in all, I am really encouraged for this school year! It will be a veeeeery different system than we've ever done before - Very scheduled and actually somewhat "rigid" - you know me, I'm never THAT rigid - and there will be room to change it around some, but with 1 teacher (me), and 2nd, 1st, & pre-K to teach, and a toddler to entertain - not to mention the days when we will have Ardyn AND Alice her brand new baby sister (born end of July - I will have them about 6 days a month) - It will be much more scheduled than I've been in the past, or nothing will get done, I am sure of it.

We'll see how it goes, and I will be updating as I go...

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