Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Camera Shots

My friend Chae just gave me a new-to-me camera! It is really neat - it's slightly fewer megapixels than my point and shoot, actually, however, it's a real camera with manual zooms etc, so I am having so much fun learning how to use it correctly! Here are a few pics and stories from me trying out the new camera!
Buzzy Bee!

When we got home from Canada in July, we got quite a shock. Full on CORN growing in our front flower "garden". The term garden is used rather loosely. It's a smattering of weeds, rocks, grass, and rose bushes:-)...but certainly no corn!! I was remembering back to when the kids planted popcorn to see if they could grow popcorn - did it work??!! Or Brian suggested perhaps squirrels or raccoons, getting into old food or something dropped some kernals and they grew? No idea. But super weird and kinda cool:-) We forbid the kids from eating it, although they begged! We thought it was best that the animals got it

A fallen bloom from my beloved Crepe Myrtles

My Lleyton Grey. His one of a kind personality lights up our world!

We LOVE living on a cul-de-sac in a quiet community. Truly truly love it. We also love having great neighbours with wonderful children of similar ages to ours. Playing on the circle has definitely been a summer time fave. With our lack of decent yard and grass, "the circle" expands our usable space quite a bit, and it's one of our fave "features" of this house.

Rain boots on a clear day? Well, they are Lightning McQueen, so why not:-) A rock wall masterpiece is in process here

Cutest face in the world

...yup. Definitely the cutest

It's our Live Oak, or Larry's Tree. It's healing and recovering still from it's accident, but its a beautiful tree

Bamboo fencing

Finding things in the yard that don't belong:-)

Those grubby little fingernails make me happy!

Art time, out in the sun

Our trampoline is quite the draw with the neighbourhood kids too. We are the only ones who have one, and they all love it!

Drawing and colouring

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