Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brian's Week

I should really have him write about it, but he's too busy, and so tired, I'm sure its all a blur:-) I added it up, and Sunday morning at midnight, he'd worked 80 hours since waking up on Wednesday morning - but then I lost count. When days run into nights, it's remarkably hard to keep track!

So at midnight it was 80 hours...but then he worked all day Sunday and didn't even come home Sunday night, working through the night (for the second time), crashing for a few hours (on the floor I assume?) around 3am. If I can figure it out correctly, I think he worked somewhere around 115 hours from Wednesday to Monday. He came home Monday night - or actually, this morning, around 2am. And he slept until 9am. YAY. That is more sleep than he's gotten collectively since about Wednesday I think!

I should be writing this post about his trip to NYC and his fantasy football draft - this trip and that draft is/was the highlight of his year...and he didn't go. Not only did he not go, he auto drafted. *gasp*

So last night I got to talk to him for more than 2 seconds or a "bring me clean clothes" text. And got some of the story -
He told me at some point, he put a sign up on the main door. "No more whining". I had him text me a picture of it this morning:-) LOVE the sign! He was working his subs pretty hard - but he was working harder - and they got to go home, and he didn't...and they were all complaining. The sign is hard to read from this pic, and I can't remember what he said he wrote exactly, but it was to the effect of

"No more whining. Just get your job done, or replace yourself with someone who can"

Apparently, it really worked:-)

The job was at a hospital in the area, and the rush was that today they start seeing patients there again - and when things started not to go well - subs starting taking too much time and not getting things done in an efficient way, they needed 'round the clock monitoring and help. Brian said, basically, as soon as he would leave - no more works gets done at all. So he couldn't leave - and due to a family emergency with another co-worker, there was no one at Woodard to take his place, so he could leave and sleep.

It was a huge project, with a tight turn around (10 days), and he got it done. Pretty incredible. We are really proud of him.

Normally, not showering a minimum of once a day is completely out of the question for him, and he previously balked at my dry shampoo. But I think he's converted now;-) It really does have it's place when it's necessary!!

1:26am Monday Aug 19: to Brian: Anyway. Be good. Get some sleep. Don't use all my dry shampoo

Grey is fairly convinced that Daddy lives in a hospital now. It's been a crazy crazy week for our boy! I'm don't really know what scope of work he has coming up next, but here's hoping it involves sleeping. In a bed, at home, preferably:-)

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  1. I think you could all use a relaxing week in Canada away from work!!! ;)