Friday, January 18, 2013


On Tuesday Brian's dad was experiencing chest tightness, and went to the hospital in NJ (He has been there for work - Hurricane Sandy repair/rebuilt). Tests revealed a minor heart attack, and further testing revealed 2 blocked arteries.

Brian and Lauren quickly drove up to the Jersey Shore to be with him, which is less than 6 hrs from us, so not too far, thankfully! He had surgery on Wednesday evening, and they opened up one artery with a stent and balloon, but could not do the second one at the same time due to the location and complication of it. They will do the surgery in NY in about 2 weeks. He is doing great, he feels fine, tests are showing his heart function is very good etc, so we are very grateful this was just a small warning that landed him in the hospital to discover the bigger issue, and are sooo glad that he's on the mend! He was discharged on Thursday.

Right after arriving at the hospital in NJ, Brian got something in his eye. Couldn't get it out, continued irritation etc, and he scratched his cornea. So he basically spent his entire Thursday going to dr's and getting prescriptions for his eye. Oh brother! Poor guy though, it's so painful, even with the pain drops and anti infection drops they've given him...and the lubricating drops he's dropping in there every second. Multiple people there have told me Dad looks great, and Brian looks awful. LOL!

They are heading back home today and Mom & Dad Bolger will be heading back to NY to follow up with the cardiologists there and get the second procedure done. I told the kids we need to dig up an old pirate eye patch for Daddy;-)

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