Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tired Today...

...but I managed to finish a mini album while the kids napped. I still have one more to finish (of the winter photoshoot). Check out my Craft Blog to see the adorable pics. I love it!!
Kenna can read very well/everything now. So she reads the front and says "awwww, that's that song you wrote for Grey" haha!
I was super duper tired today...and so I cheated on my diet. I literally was struggling to keep my eyes open and not get very annoyed with the kids, so I had to crack. Unfortunately, the caffeine and sugar only did *so much* to help:-/ Too bed early I suppose!
My confession. I wear a Cat in the Hat tee shirt. Oh, and I drank a coke :-(

Trying to get a pic of my bloodshot eyes. Instead it was just kind of a spooky pic all around. And then I noticed you could see my reflection/camera in the reflection of my eye. Weird.

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