Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kid Kwotes & Kwips Archive 2011-2012

(Grey tends to "shut down" around people he is not familiar with)...picking him up from Sunday School
Mom: Did you have fun in your class?
Grey: mhmmm. I talked
Mom: You did?! That is wonderful! Did they talk back?
Grey: mhmmm. I telled them I had a famawee (family) at my house
...perhaps his first time to speak in class? Who knows!

...painted jars from my grandma... yet another Kennedy lecture

 Kenna: That's why Mom is glad she has a girl, so she has someone to give all her stuff to. Like, if I drop these jars, they would become re-available, but who would paint them? No one, she's dead. So that is why Mom gave them to me. Because you guys are too hyper

Playing "store"...

Brooks: Could I have that?...how much does it cost?
Grey: two hundred pounds
Brooks: Ok, how much does that cost?
Grey: zeewo daw-wers (zero dollars), and no hundred pounds!
Apparently, we've got a little English in us...

 Grey: ooOOO!! I see da moon! Is'a HALF moon!! Dis means we get...CANNIES!!! (candies) WOOOOO!
Mommy: We do? Is that a thing? Who says?
Grey: I do

Taking a drink of soda and letting out a burp...

Grey: Say b'skews you, Mom
Mom: Oh, yes, excuse me
Grey: Ok, I'm ready to b'skews you Mom. You're b'skews'd
Mom: aww, thanks;-)

Trying to reach candy up on top of the fridge

 Grey: Moooooommmy! I need a wonger (longer) chair!

Mom: Don't. Don't. Don't! Kennedy! DON'T! It means stop!!
Kenna: Oh, I thought it meant don't

Brian, laughing hard: Well...nevermind...
Darla: What?
Brian, still laughing: Nothing, nothing. I was gonna say something, but I still want to be married, so...
Darla: Well what?
Brian, still laughing: I can't. Seriously
Darla: You don't get to laugh hysterically and then NOT say what you're laughing about!
...a few minutes later...
Darla: So, why were you laughing? What were you going to say?
Brian: Ah, nothing. It's not funny anymore. Had to be in the moment. It's passed.

Daddy: How old are you?
Grey: Two
Daddy: How strong are you?
Grey: Three

the plastic "face" fell off an old clock they play with
Grey: Oh no! This time machine is bloken!! (broken)

Darla: I read something online today that said men cry six times per year, and women cry thirty to SIXTY times per year
Brian: What? Six times?! That seems...really really high
Well I was more thinking the sixty thing was a little high...

Kenna: Wow, why is the bathroom so clean?!
Mom: I cleaned it during nap
Kenna: Is someone coming over?
lol, my secrets revealed:-)

Grey: You get my cuppadee? (Cup)
Mommy: You find it, I don't know where it is
Grey: YOU find it, I'not a bery good finder

radio on...
Brian: Do you know who this is?
Darla: um, DC Talk?
Brian: Wow Honey, I can't believe you knew that
Darla: mhmm. I saw them live once, you know
Brian: You did? That is...strange
Darla: Yup, they were with Michael W. Smith, so I saw him too, and I had a poster of them in my room. In my closet actually.
Brian: uuuuh, ok, weird...I never knew that
After 10 years together, you'd think there would be nothing left to tell...;-)

Kenna used her Sparky Bucks at the Awana Store to purchase Christmas gifts for the family...
Kenna: And I got you something, Grey!
Grey: A dinosaur?
Kenna: No, it's even better than a dinosaur!
Grey: TWO dinosaurs?!
Kenna: Noo, it's a secret
Grey: Did you get me monies?

at piano lessons, teacher used the time to teach new things, and not review the old work from the week previous
Kenna: She didn't even ask me to play my songs! I can't believe you made me practice every day, that was such a waste of my time!

saying Psalm 23...
Kenna:.."for His name sake". Is that another word for God,... Sake?

looking at our ornaments got him to thinking...
Grey: Mom! Mom! What do snowflakes do?
warm climate issues. No snow. No idea what snowflakes "do" :-)

talking about things at are not real, and how we know they are made up stories/things
Kenna: It's like, we know that aliens have 8 legs. Would God create an alien with 8 legs?! No! So that's an easy one
easy, indeed. LOL

Looking at our wedding picture...
Grey: Wook, it's you, and and and Daddy! You are a pwincess, Mommy!, and Dad is a customer!

Every time we pass flashing lights - for any reason, even just construction...Grey: TLAGEDY! I see a tlagedy!
oh the tragedy...

overheard in the middle of a lecture to Brooks, after he "messed up her room"

Kenna: And THAT is why I wish you were a girl! If you were a girl you would respeck and I would be able to instruck you!
Respeck & Instruck. Key ingredients in girls:-)

Grey is obsessed with Looney Tunes, especially his favourite character "Wiley Eye Cody" {Wile E. Coyote}

Mommy: I was going to go to Walmart and buy snacks, do you want to come with me?
Grey: Th-nakes?
Mom: Not snakes, SNACKS
Grey: Oh! I sot you was gonna buy th-nakes!

Talking about her desire for a cake-pop maker...
Kenna: It comes with everything you need. Except the fridge
advertising works:-)

About "Brave"...
Darla: I just love the scenery in that movie!! Doesn't it make you want to go there?!
Brian, cracking up laughing: It's a cartoon!
Darla: Well, yes, but its a very realistic one

watching Disney's La Luna short...
Kenna: There aren't really any stars on the moon. That's just a legend

After pinching my butt for the 1000th time in a day...

Darla: Ow! There is something wrong with you!!
Brian: It's called love. You obviously don't know much about it, but it's called love

Kenna: I just really wish I could get an American Girl doll
Mom: Well, maybe you can
Kenna: Maybe I can?! I don't even have 5 one dollars!

Brooks, pressing a stick down into the leather couch
Mom: Stop it! That is our only couch, if you put a hole in it, what do you think will happen?
Brooks, quite guilty looking: Ummm...I would be...dead meat
Mom, snickering: Well, true, but other than that, we'd have to throw it away and we wouldn't have anything to sit on

A borderline emotional wreck because the "line on her socks" is "bothering her toe"...

Mom, fixing the sock: Oh brother. I think we need to take you to a shrink!
Kenna: What's a shrink?
Mom: A psychiatrist, he'll help you work out all your major issues, since you seem to have so many
Kenna: I think I get it from Dad
Mom, laughing: Yes, you do

Mom: Alright guys, hang on to your hats!
Grey: uh, but, me an' Kenna don't don't don't have any hats!

Mom: So, a colony is...
Kenna: Yes, I know what a colony is
Mom: You do? What is it?
Kenna: It's a patch of people. Or like, a patch of ants like a colony of ants, or a colony of people, like on an island or something

Frustrated and impatient with needing help with sock-straightening, shoe tying and coat zipping...

Kenna: If summer was still on, we wouldn't be in this mess!

Grey: Dis is...
Mommy: Trash. Can you throw it away?
Grey: No...it's a...tuh-lie-gan-ul!(triangle) Wets count its sides...one, two, free, four, five sides!
Mommy: Hmmm. Weird.
Grey: It's not tuh-lash (trash), it's spesh! (short for special)

Kenna, trying to break into a game of catch...
Brooks: There is no girls allowed in football! That's actually the real rules. Unless it's called cheer leading squad. You can do that

Kids asking me to tell them another loose tooth story...

Mommy: Why don't you ask Daddy? You've already heard all my stories, maybe he has a good one
Kids turn to Brian inquisitively
Daddy: I pulled out my own teeth
Kenna: How?
Daddy: With a tissue
Kenna: Oh
Mommy: What?! Daddy is so boring! No string and doorknobs? No pillow fights? No pliers? Mommy has waaaaaay better stories!
Daddy: Mommy is way too dramatic

Mommy: You look like Brian, don't you think?
Grey, eyebrows raised, shakes head...no
Mommy: You don't? You don't think you look like a little Brian?
Grey: I wook wike me. I Gley-Gley.
Mommy: Well, I think you look like Daddy, in your chubby face
Grey: Well, I don't

discussing the possibility of Sandy's incoming destruction...

Brooks: How many people has this hurricane already killed?
Mom: Two
Brooks: In what country?
Mom: Cuba, I think
Brooks: Ok, what were their names?
Mom: I have no idea Honey, the news is not that specific

talking about see the American Flag that flew at Fort McHenry, which is now at the Smithsonian Museum...
Brooks: Wow, so it is like, all stoned up?
Mom: Well...no. That only happens to bones, not cloth
Brooks: Did they fix the bullet holes or can I still see them?

during school this morning
Kenna: I mean, I get what you're trying to say, it's just literally too much for my brain

after picking Grey up from the nursery...

Mommy: Did you play with the other little kiddies?
Grey: Um no. Dere was no kitties dere

Brian, to Darla, laughing: You tell great stories. ...They don't have any beginning, or ending, but they're great
Thankfully, he is still hilariously entertained by me:-)

I've been exercising (Jillian!), and Grey says "exercise" like ass-a-size.
..."You do your ass-a-size, Mom?"...(he likes to do it too, and help me), and by definition, lets hope he's spot on!, haha!

Brooks, in a very grown up tone: Greeeeeyyyyy! Stop. That is verrrrry annoying. It is not helping Kenna, or I, to concentrate on our reading

Sonny & Grey, having a conversation with quite a bit of usage of the word "poop" from both of them...Seeing me come into the room,
Grey: Sonny! Don't be wude (rude)! Mommy says, don't be wude!
Way to get the other guy in trouble;-)

seeing a yellow Mustang with racing stripes
Grey: Wook! A derby car!

Handing me a crust of bread
Grey: Hey, I don't want dis. You-you-you wanna eat dis wittle fella?
Mom: Why don't you eat the little fellow?
Grey: A'cause I don't wike him!

Grey has an attachment to cars/vehicles like no other. As was evidenced by his goodbye as we left our van in the junkyard for the final time...

Grey: buh bye lil' guy! Wuh-wuh-wuh-wull see ya way-tah!
(We'll see you later)

Brooks: I wish I could live to one hundred
Kenna: You can't, no one can
Mom: Well, actually you can live to 100, but it is very very old, and not many people get to live that long
Brooks: Well, I think I will
Kenna: Why? Don't you want to go to heaven?
Brooks: No, because I love my life!
Mom: Well, as much as you love your life here, you will love heaven one million jillion times more!
Kenna: Yah! In heaven, you like, won't cry, you won't die, and you'll never get spanked!

overheard in playtime
Brooks: No, I'm the one who shoots the bad guys, he's the one who finds the bad guys to hang down from a tree

coming into the kitchen as I'm cleaning up dinner

Brooks: What is Grey chewing?
Mom: Leftover salmon. Want some?
Brooks: uuuuh, no...no thanks. I think I've...definitely had enough salmon for one day

Grey: Do ya sink (think) it's Sunday
Mom: Nope, I think it's Monday
Grey: I sink it's Sunday. It's Sunday, you sink?
Mom: Nope, it's Monday
Grey: Baby (maybe) it's Friday
Kenna: It's Monday
Grey: No, I sink it is Sunday, it IS
Kenna: No, it's...
Grey: No talking!
Kenna: But Grey...
Grey: Kenna! No talking, I said
If you can't get them to agree with you, shut them down :-)

Kenna: I can't find the two-th!
Mom: A tooth?
Kenna: Yah! I have the one-th shoe, but I can't find the two-th

Grey: Whoa! Dese battawies dangawous. Dey could cut ya!
(These batteries dangerous. They could cut you)

a song comes on the radio
Kenna: Once, when Dad was watching tv, the video for this came on, and there were men dancing, in like, Hawaii underwear, and I was thinking in my brain, like, is this appropriate?!

Mom: Finish reading this page, I'm going to go make a fruit salad
Brooks: With real live fruit?
Mom: No, with plastic fruit
Brooks: Oh, ok
oh brother

Kenna, reading: Can a pig add six and six. ?. That doesn't make any sense!
Mom: Just check the box, yes or no
Kenna, on the verge of tears: Can a pig add six and six? I...iiiiiii....I can't figure it out?!
Mom: Ok, listen, can a pig do math?
Kenna: What?! No!
Mom: Well, then, what do you think the answer might be?
Kenna: I don't know! I don't even think it makes any sense!
Mom: Well, it kind of doesn't make sense on purpose, it's supposed to be very easy to tell which answer is yes and which is no
Kenna: {long sigh} Well, I'm checking no, but apparently SOMEBODY thinks pigs can add

Brooks: Do you know what a bale is?
Mom: Yes, like a bale of hay?
Brooks: No, like with Elijah...
Mom: Oh yah, you mean, like the false god...
Brooks: No, it's like 4 or 12 people, and then the fire came down on the logs and the people, like Elijah, like, that bale!
Mom: hmmmm
Brooks: You...arrrrgh!! You don't know it! Nevermind

Kenna: I do try not to sin, I mean, against Brooks, but he really does make me, like, so angry that it's not possible

Kenna: A few things...why would God want a blood sacrifice of killing one of his creations, and how were there not dead cows, like, all over the place?
getting into heavy topics of discussion
Kenna: Does permanent wash off?
Mom: What are you touching?!?
Kenna: Nothing

Grey, calling me from his bed

Mom: stop talking and get to sleep!
Grey: But I can't get comf!
Comfort/comfy/comf is a big deal to this relaxer

Grey: I need Appy Dappy!
Mom: You know it's called apple juice, right?
Grey: Moooooom! It's Appy Dap!
Mom: But you're a big boy now, you need to start saying the big boy words
Grey, quizzical glare: No, I don't, I just need Appy Dap

Kenna, in disgust: You look weird! You have a shock of hair over here, NO hair over here and a little hair over there. You look ridiculous!
Brooks: Well, I don't look ridiculous to me! I saw that picture Mom took, and I thought I looked pretty good actually
he cut his own bangs :-/

The hunt & peck method...
Darla: I'm glad I got you
Brian: No, I got you. I think we can all agree I got you. It was hard work! It took a lot of emails...and I didn't even know how to type!
Brooks: Hey Ma?
Mom: yah?
Brooks: When you start to die, can you show us everything, like how to use the stove and drive, and stuff? That way we can take care of ourselves
Mom: Well, I guess...but it kind of depends on when I die

from the archives: Circa 1983
Darla (4): I'll be Aslan
Brent (3): I'll be Aslan too
Darla: You can't because Aslan is like God and there is only one God

At the Museum of Natural History, in a room full of snakes and frogs
Kenna: Nature is...spooky
Mom: I think so too

Mom: Great job! Keep practicing and you'll be a dancer!
Brooks: I am a dancer! I'm already an official dancer. I have all sorts of moves, and my very own Brooksie Show, where I spin on my back and throw up a ball and catch it. That's my act.

Grey: We go to da beach? No, not da beach, da TINY beach. Dis da TINY beach
Mom: the swimming pool?
Grey: Yes! We go? Yes, Mom? Yes, Mom? We go, yes?

Grey: oooo, wet me see!
Mom, showing my fingernails: This colour is grey
Grey: No! Dats not me! It's....not

After being told by the dentist to "bite down" (for teeth alignment inspection), Grey, in a wild cat-esque move, growled gently and lurched for his hand
Dentist, laughing: Did you see that?!? He tried to bite me!
It was both adorable and hilarious:-)

Looking at picture online of a sick bird

Grey: Awww!
Mom: It's dying I think
Grey: It not dying. It cuuuuuuute!

Brooks: Ma, just so you know, Dad told me that men sweat
Mom: hmmm
Brooks: Yah, and they don't even, you know...care

Mom, to Brooks: Go change, you can't wear that in public
Grey: it's ug-wee!! (ugly)

Mom, giving fairly stern correction and instruction to Kenna and Brooks
Grey: You can say that again!
This kids funny attitude recently is cracking us up! He's going to be a mouthy one!
Grey still struggles a lot with his colours, especially red, blue & green. Giving him a blue M&M
Mommy: What colour is this one?
Grey, thoughtfully looking at it, turns it over and sees the initial M: Dis one is McDona's!! (McDonalds)
Grey hands over the "ticket" at Costco, and usually gets a much beloved smiley face written on it, but this time, they gave only a line. I thought he would be upset, since Smiley Face is the highlight of the trip. Instead...
Grey: Wook at dis! Is'a snake!!
When life hands you lemons...:-)

Brooks: ...and I told Kenna promise in your heart, honest, for true...

Brooks: I am really happy about the way God made me!
Mom: me too!
Brooks: Yah, 'cause I can run really fast, and I really like that about myself

Daddy: Can I have a kiss?
Grey: Hey, I'm not scared'a you!
thems fightin' words ;-)

After giving stern instruction to Kenna & Brooks...
Grey: It's not my salt (fault), Mom. I'm just a kid!

Looking at his reflection on the rounded side of the van

Brooks: Look at me! I'm as short as an orf! (laughing), I'm as short as an orphan!!
Mom: It's dwarf, not orf
...and orf is not short for orphan, but I didn't go there:-)

Mom: Do you want to be listed as Brooks, or Brooklyn for Noni's wedding?
Brooks: Brooklyn
Kenna: You don't want to be Brooks Bolger, nephew of the bride?
Brooks: Nah. Brooks is a dumb name for in a wedding

Sitting down on his lap...

Brian: Ow, ow, my leg!
Darla: What? What happened?
Brian: You don't want to know
Darla, getting up: Why, what happened?
Brian: I had an excessive amount of weight on it
Darla, laughing: Oh. (Idiot, implied:-)

Grey, brushing Brooks' hair: Awww! You so handsome, Babe

Eating popsicles...

Grey: Mom, help!
Kenna, comes running into kitchen: Anybody need a servant?
She's so sweet!

Brooks: You're being irritating
Kenna: No you're being irritating
Brooks: No you're being irritating
Kenna: No! Irritating when you make sounds like this (insert tongue clicking)
Mom: Stop. Fold your hands and be quiet
Grey, folding hands happily: What about me?
Kenna: It's ok, you're free Grey
Grey: No, I two!

pep talking her brothers...
Kenna: If you fall in there, you are on your own. Mom will not come in and rescue you. There could be turtles and crocodiles in there, and she's not risking it. So don't go near the edge!
She is...100% correct. She knows me too well. If you fall into a pond full of wildlife in my presence, you will drown.
Noticing the placement of a very large bookcase right at the bottom of the stairs...
Brian: Oh this looks familiar. So when you fall down the stairs you are killed by the same piece of furniture as before
reminiscent of 66 Dickson Hill Rd

Brian: ahhh, the crown jewel of Canada - the Bulk Barn!
We may or may not have spent $50 in candy, lol! LOVE it!
A new way to answer almost every question he's asked...

Grey: It's praw-billy...(probably)

Mom: Why is Angry Bird all wet?
Kenna: We did that. He got bath-atized!
Brooks: We dunked him in water TWO times!
Mom: oh my...!*baptized:-)

unpacking our suitcase...
Brooks: Hey Ma, I found your slingshots
Kenna: Brooks, those are bras

Ending a phone convo with my Dad...instead of "drive safe" he said...
Grandpa K: Be reckless, take chances and show everybody your tall finger
Toooootally cracked me up!
Seeing a car antenna "topper"...
Kenna: Oh, look at that Mickey Mouse tentacle!

Coming in to wake up Daddy...
Kenna: Say, Happy Father's Day!
Grey: Happy S'ather's Day, Mommy!

Grey: Oooo, turn off dat fan, it's kiwwing me!
Mommy: It's killing you?
Grey: yah, it's too code (cold)

Kenna: 'Member when we had to go to two birthdays on one day? That was a party-tastrophy!
Mom: Why?
Kenna: 'Cause we got lost, and we were starving and there were long lines at the bounce house, and then we had to leave...disaster

Grey: I cracked my pants!
the making of a band...
Kenna: what is gonna be our name?
Brooks: the Ten Tattoos!
Kenna: yah! for me, Grey and...well maybe we should be the Three Tattoos
Brooks: No! The Ten Tattoos!
...actually, kind of a cool name. No idea where he came up with that...but I hope he never gets 10 tattoos! :-)
Coming into the steamy bathroom after my shower
Grey: WOAH! I see 'moke! Dis too hot 'a han-dow! (too hot to handle)

Reading something Kenna wrote containing the words "magin" and "biu"
Mom: Mah-gin
Kenna: Meghan
Mom: Oh yes, Meghan and bee-you?
Kenna: Bye! Can you not read?!
Looking at a wedding picture

Darla: Look how short I am compared to you, and I was wearing heals! I'm just tiny
Brian: Well, you're short
Darla, bops Brian on the top of the head. Brian, laughing like crazy
Darla, laughing: Why are you still laughing?!
And he gets another smack on the head for that one! LOL

Brooks: Dad is the skinniest
Kenna: No, he's not. He's on a diet and that is for when you're fat, so he's fat
Brooks: Kenna...you're crazy

Kenna: Can I have anything else to eat?
Mom: Like what?
Kenna: I don't know...I'm looking for something with more calories I guess.

Kenna: Mom! Brooks rode all this way without being buckled!!
Brooks: I didn't know, I thought I was
Mom: Well, you need to be observant and take responsibility...
Kenna: YOU are lucky the police didn't catch you. You could have been killed!! awwwwhhh, you just make me so jealous when you do stuff like that
Mom, laughing: Why? You want to be killed too?
dropping Meghan off at the hospital to see Lauren

Kenna: So, Noni is just stuck in one of these big buildings?
Mom: Yup, until she's better enough to come home
Kenna: I wonder how you find her in there

Kenna: They say slow and steady wins the race but that's not true
Mom: oh yah?
Kenna: Yah. Brooks is always slow and he never wins

Termite inspector (over 60 years old): You're Darla?
Darla: Yes, that's me. Hi! (shaking hands)
Inspector: My sisters name is Darla. You don't hear it much these days, but its such a cute name
Darla: awww, thanks
there you go Mom K, that one is for you. There is at least one other 60+ year old out there with my very cute name:-)
Sales men invited in and talking to us for HOURS.
Kenna, to Mom (tired of having to be quiet): This is what happens when Daddy answers the door. Next time, can you please just get it?
...she knows I'm not as nice, lol! :-)

Brooks: I love sucking on lemons because they make my brain start thinking. mMMMmmmm! See, it's getting me all charged up! Lemons AND limes help me charge up. If you gave them to me in bed, I bet I'd do better charging up!!
Mom: I think you charge up just fine

Grey, to Sonny: You awesome, man! You awesome, man!!
later, to Brooks: You 'tupid man, you 'tupid!

Brooks: Ma, when Dad dies, do you think I could have his big black socks?
Mom: uh, sure

After jaberring on constantly for about 2 hours, with barely a minute of silence...
Kenna: ...and whoo-eee, sometimes talking makes me really thristy!... ...the way she does it, it counts as a workout!
Kenna: How many friends do you even have?
Brooks: A LOT! Like, fourteen and a half!

Grey: Mickey Pubhouse! I watch Mickey Pubhouse! (Clubhouse)
Somehow I feel like that is a whole 'nother show:-)

Brooks: I have to hide because if I share this with Grey I'll catch his th-ee-ther (fever). And if you share with him you'll catch his th-ee-ther too

From the archives: 1984

Darla (5) asked if Goliath went to heaven. Mom answered, "No, he went to hell because he didn't love God". She turned to Brent and said "That's where they drink beer"

choosing to stay home with Dad...
Brooks: I'm afraid you'll have to go to Walmart alone, I'm sorry
Mom: Oh my! What ever will I do shopping alone? No one to say 'can I have this? I think we should buy this! why can't we have this?'
Kenna: Well, I guess we could come with you, but only if you promise to buy us something we pick out
I really enjoyed shopping. Alone:-)
lamenting baby boy news for friends...

Kenna: I just wish it was a girl. I mean, everyone wants to be a girl and be born first, like me. If you're not born first you're always jealous. And if you're not a girl, you always wish you were.

Brian: I'm glad you're not crazy
Darla: I'm a little crazy
Brian: A little. You're the kind of crazy you can love and respect
Darla: awwwww!
Brian: I mean, you can't help it that you were raised by Canadians
Darla: ahhhh!!!
so *that* makes me a little crazy, eh?!

Kenna: I have to tell you something. FIRST Brooksie hit me. On accident or on purpose I don't really know. And SECOND he's screaming out there and upsetting the entire village

Mom and Dad discussing the Sunday sermon, when we were about done...
Kenna: Wow. You guys are crazy talkers!
Mom: Why's that?
Kenna: I didn't understand a word you just said!
talking about his Cubbies lesson...

Brooks: ...and we made these chains. Like they chained up Jesus and then the angels had to rescue Him
Kenna: Wait, what? I don't I know this story. Mom?
Mom: Well, maybe it was Paul?
Brooks: No, no. It was Jesus. Defin-ly Jesus. He was chained up and only the angels could save Him, my teacher said
Kenna, getting mad: No. You listen to me. Jesus is God. God has His own special way of getting out of chains. He doesn't need angels to rescue Him. You ask your teacher! It was that other guy, like Mom said. Not Jesus. End of story.

Kenna: Can you go get Grey off the trampoline? He's totally having an epiphany. He's screaming bloody murder out there.
we really need to go over our definitions:-)
talking about sin, our actions, our thoughts etc
Brooks: Kenna, it's just like dinner. You have to think the bad thoughts before you think the good thoughts, just like you have to eat the bad food before you eat the good food
Kenna: I don't want to think any bad thoughts

Brooks: Can we have human food to eat?
Mom: uhh, yes
Brooks: I mean for snack
Mom: still a yes
reading a new word
Kenna: Juh-juh-im? Jim?
Mom: Yah. That's Grandpa's name
Kenna: Cuh-razy! I think we'd rather call him Grandpa!

Brooks: Dad, I just wish you were a warrior
Dad: I know you do BudBrooks, dashing outside: But, its ok. Every man has each their own special talents
Mom, chimes in: And yours is definitely not war hero
making homemade pizza...

Brian: I think if I won the lottery the only thing I'd buy would be a pizza oven
Darla: I know. I already have it on our "if we're ever millionaires" list
it's really hard to win the lottery when you don't play, but come on, everyone needs a "if I had a million dollars" list:-)

Brooks: Can I tell you something?
Mom: mhmmm
Brooks: Do you know what you should get Kenna and me?
Mom: whats that?
Brooks: An iPad. Do you know what it is?
Mom: what is it?
Brooks: It's a square, and it had lots and lots of games on it. AND movies. We wouldn't need a tv.

Kenna: Who likes butter with nothing on it? Just taste it on your tongue and you want it to stay forever!
A new ploy

Brooks: Can I please play Wii? It's sooo healthy for my body!

Kenna, about Grey: I'll make this for him 'cause he hasn't been very ah-music-ated recently
If that is a new word for grumpy, I concur

ooo-ing and ahh-ing over brand name ice cream drumsticks I'm putting in the freezer for an adult at home dinner with friends (their treat!)

Kenna: who are those for? Wow. I wish we had some like that
Mom: Well...
Kenna, interrupting, sadly: I know, I know. We can't afford it
actually not what I was going to say...but I guess they've heard that more than once at the store, lol

Grey: I sue-da? (soda)
Mom: You want a drink? (starting to pour water)
Grey: No, I said sue-da mom, I said sue-da! No waddy (water)
later that day...Grey: Cleese, Mom? (cheese)
Mom: You want cheese?
Grey: I want cleese, I said
He seems to think "I said" means, "I get" :-)
after reading some new words, smog, smock, & smug
Kenna: I mean, these words don't even sound like they exist!
Mom: They are real words, we just don't use them often

Mom, snuggling: Do you know Daddy loves you?
Grey: No...I bite doo-nut
Mom: Yah, but do you know Mommy loves you?
Grey: I chew doo-nut (chewing, slurping etc sounds)
Mom: But can I talk to you minute?
Grey: No, I bite doo-nut
Someone has donuts on the brain

Anytime a very "country sounding" song comes on, Grey lets out a loud whoop: Yeeeehaw!!
If he isn't his fathers son...:-/

Kenna: Come on, B - R - O, lets go
She used to spell out his whole name (she's into spelling things). Apparently its too long, so B-r-o is the nickname. I tried to explain the double meaning...but no, it stands only for Brooks, not for Brother.
Singing a song...

Kenna: 'Cause we're fr-enemies, he's like my least favourite brother...
Mom: What is this?
Kenna: It's from Phineas and Ferb. It's one of my favourite songs, cause, well, you know why
I was actually too afraid to inquire. I have a feeling Brooks is getting the short end of the stick this time:-)

Brooks: Do you like Coke beer? It's my favourite drink!
Mom: What's Coke beer?!
Kenna: It's something they sell at Wendy's, we don't know what its called so we say Coke beer
I think they were talking about Coke floats...?
Watching me comment on my friends picture on facebook

Kenna: Why do you always write about people we don't even know?

Brooks: Kenna's taking too long, can I just pee in the tub?
The joys of having only one bathroom!
Grey was watching Dora the Explorer. Kenna has little patience for "baby shows"...

Kenna, talking to the tv, annoyed: Can you stop saying that? It's the volcano, we know, we know!

Brooks: Are there two kinds of pizza?
Kenna: Yes, there are two kinds of pizza so eat and you can have the other kind. Hurry up, Pretty Boy

Watching Tangled

Brooks: She just calls him New-gene, which is short for Blue-jean

Brian: I think I am completely addicted to gummy fruits

Kenna, beginning to cry over what was being cooked for lunch

Mom: This is not the disappointment of a lifetime. It's lunch. React appropriately.
Somehow she found the will to go on...

Grey: You bummy hurt you
Mom: You're poopy?
Grey: mhmmmmm!

constant forced burping coming from the backseat (Brooks)
Mom: Cut it out
Grey: Ess-uuuuse you!!

Instead of saying "I need" or "I would like",

Grey says: I need like ____

Mom: Who wants a lolli?
Grey: Me! I lollipopper too Ma, I lollipopper too!!

Brooks: Ma, do kids eat pro-teen?
Mom: Protein? Yes, kids can eat protein
Brooks: OH! Then we totally have to buy this superhero chocolate milk. It has pro-teen in it
Mom: Huh. We say it protein, like quickly. No emphasis on the teen part
Brooks: I thought it was for teens

While eating in a restaurant
Kenna, announces: WELL! It's not the best food I've ever eaten, but it's...oookaaaaay

Mom, browsing on Pinterest
Brooks: Wait! Go back up, up, uuuup. There! That's from Star-wers! Kenna come see!
Mom: How do you know about that?
Brooks: Its a game I saw on the Wii
Kenna: Star-bers?
Brooks: No, Star WERS, Kenna, Star-wers
It's the blind leading the blind around here! (It was Darth Vader though:-)
conversation sent to me by my Aunt, Caralyn
Holden (6 yrs old): ya, Brooks is my friend. Oh, I mean, he's my cousin
Caralyn: well, actually Darla is your cousin, so I think that means Brooks is your first cousin once removed
Holden, confused look on his faceCaralyn: ok, so if Brooks is your cousin, then Darla is your...
Holden: Grandma?

after serving up sandwiches on white bread we were given (which I do not buy)
Kenna: Holy cow! This is the whitest bread we've ever had!

Kenna: I think I should change my name
Mom: Why?
Kenna: Kennedy Shea is just really good for girls but it's not very grownup-y
Mom: I think Kennedy Shea is very grownup-y. Kenna is the more the girls name, and Kennedy for the grownup, don't you think?
Kenna, doubtfully: I guess. I mean, I don't really think so, I think I'll need to change it
Mom: Well, what would you like to change it to?
Kenna: Salla, or Kallin
Mom: Oh my, those are very grownup-y indeed
No matter how cool you name your kids, they always think they could have done better...with names like Salla. HA

every time we go outside at night or enter a dark room...
Grey, in a shuddering whisper: ooooOOOOoooo, booooky (spooky)

driving past an old, ornate church downtown...
Kenna: Brooks! Looook at this! We're in England with the Queen!!

coming in from outside...

Grey: Hot clock-lit? (chocolate), hot clock-lit?! ME ME ME! I wike dis. Iiii wike dissss!! Yay YaY YAYYYY!!
Extreme enthusiasm since I had not offered it, or said yes yet!

Brooks: Can you do up my button? I have been trying and trying and I can't do it. My thingers are weared out.
Yup, he still mixes up the f & th's, thanks to our three, four, five instruction. Parenting thail:-D Just let 'em say free, they'll get it someday.

Kenna: No Brooks, dogs are maminals. No bottles for them, they drink milk straight from their boops.
Believe me, she was taught simply that mammals drink their mothers milk. On the plus side, its nice to see that she has obviously internalized and personalized her science lessons:-D
Climbing up on my lap while I'm on the computer
Grey: Go Mom. Touch buttons
Mom: oh, can't I snuggle you for a minute?
Grey: No. Touch buttons
He likes to pretend type too
Playing Hi Ho Cherry-O
Brooks: Do you know who taught me this game?
Mom: Me
Brooks: Nope, Josh
Mom: what? no way. I did when we got it!...Josh who?
Brooks: you know, Josh & Micah. He did, Mom, I benember it so so so well
As slushy rain was fallingKenna: It's snowing!! It's snowing! Our final dream came true!!...hey Ma, can we put our tree back up?
it's Christmas all over again in February!...and I'm hoping its not her *final* dream, hah.
At a party, someone mentions something about the "olden days"
, Brooks perks up: My mom is from then!

Brooks: ...so I can sleep in Kenna's room
Kenna: but Brooks, I don't want you to sleep in my room!
Brooks: But I want to Kenna, you're just my favourite friend
Kenna: Well Brooks, that is very kind of you to say that, but I just need some time alone. You're always being bad to me, which is the only reason I am bad to you.
Oh, so *that's* the explanation ...she'd be an angel if not for her brother. HAH.
During an epic battle of the wills
Daddy: Say, Yes Daddy
Daddy: Say, Yes Daddy
Grey: Don't want to
He is by far our most stubborn child

About to start wrestling
Brooks: Ok, this one will be a fight to the death
Mom, interjects: No, it won't!
Kenna, crying (as always) while getting her hair brushed
Grey: Awww, Kiki, want hug?
and he came over and gave her a huge hug!
Looking at a jewelry store flier

Brooks: I need to pick out Dale and Noni's rings! Since I am the ring master, it's my job to decide what to buy
Taking ring bearer duties to a whole new level

Kenna: Who is having a baby girl that we know?
Mom: I don't know. Chae-Chae has a baby in her tummy
Kenna: Yah, but is it a boy or a girl. THAT is the question

Tasting a pecan square I made
Kenna: WOW! You have GOT to give me this recipe! It's fantastic!

Brooks: Know what is my best sport? Hockey!
Mom: Cool. Dad would be very happy with that choice
Brooks: Yah, we're just like buddies. We both like vanilla, almonds and hockey!
Mom: Almonds? Does Dad like almonds?
Brooks: I think so. ?. I have to ask I guess
Almonds was a very random inclusion!
Grey likes to sniff the palm of his hand and announce
" 'mells good!" and then offers the outstretched hand around for others to smell. It almost never smells good:-)

After being approached for money in a parking lot, I gave my standard "I don't have any cash" answer and kept moving
Kenna: Is that a poor person?
Mom: Probably

Grey: Oh no! I peel (spilled) mook (milk) couch. Oh darn!

Brooks: Can you say Kenna?
Grey: Kenna
Brooks: Can you say Brooks?
Grey: No
Brooks: Can you say Grey Grey?
Grey: I'm too busy
The kids call strawberry milk "Bunny juice", because of the Nesquick cartoon
Brooks: How do they make Bunny juice? Do they have to kill a bunny?

coming across an unfamiliar word in her reader...
Kenna: Duh, duh....ick? Is that a word?
Mom: Sure it's a word. It's a name we call people...uh, well, I mean, it's a name short for Richard.
that just came out waaaay wrong:-) I only meant to say it's a persons name
Holding un-popped kernels of popcorn

Brooks: Can we go plant these outside and grow popcorn?
Mom: No...it's a good idea, but you can't grow popcorn, sorry
Brooks: Well, Kenna? Do you want to try it? We could see if we could try and get popcorn

Kenna: I watched it, but it didn't froke me out
Brooks' word for freaked/freaking has caught on. We all use it:-), Just like his other word-invention, "Dallerd"

Kenna: Why didn't you change your clothes?
Brooks: I did
Kenna: Then why do they look the same?
Brooks, in a spot-on Brian impression, from choice of words, to tone: How? Tell me how they look the same. ?

Kenna: I don't understand Brooks, he just sings like, one word, then he looks away with a sad face
Mom: Brooks, whats going on?
Brooks: I just like to be lonely
Kenna: Why? Why do you like to be lonely?
Brooks: It's just my thing

Kenna: What's gonna be for dinner?
Brooks: Can we have Andre?
Mom: Andre?
Kenna: AndreS
Mom: I...uh...oh, entrees??...yah, I guess we will be have entrees:-)

Talking about a scene from the Lion King...

Kenna: It's funny that they don't know what stars are. Like, we do, it's like, they're stars. But they don't know what they are, because they're actors

Mom: ...and you will obey. Do you understand me?
Grey: Yeth 'um! (Yes mom)

Kenna: Mom! You have to come to the trampoline NOW! Grey just ate a leaf, a seed, and pollen!!!

Kenna: How many kids were in your family?
Mom: Eleven
Kenna: Wow. That's a lot. Is it more than 19 Kids and Counting?
Mom: No, they have 19 kids so they have more
Kenna: So you have the second most amount of kids of anyone we know
Mom: Well actually, we have the most kids of anyone we know, since we don't know the Duggars, we just see them on tv
Kenna: But they are real, right? Or are they just actors?
Playing with my necklace
Mommy: Do you know what it says? Kenna, Brooksie, and Greggie
Grey: ooooooooh, sweet
Mommy: Isn't it nice?
Grey: Yeth (yes), Kiki, Buh-sie, Guh-gay, a' woe-come! (you're welcome)

Kenna: Can you say Winnie the Pooh?
Grey: Poop
Gales of giddy laughter from K & B
Kenna: no no no, Pooh, can you say Pooh?
Grey: POOP!
Kenna: Hey Mom, guess what he thinks Winnie the Pooh's name is?
Using a crafting ink pad as a cell phone

Grey: Hallo? A' body home? Haaa-looow? A'body home? Nope! I not home. HEH? Home ana-body? Oh Sanks. buh BYE!

Mom: Can I call you Lleyton?
Grey, pausing in a visibly thoughtful moment: uuuuh, no
Mom: Can I call you Greggie?
Grey: uuuh, no
Mom: Can I call you David?
Grey: MooOOoooM! Noooo!

Brooks: Look at this! My old Dooby car! This thing won for me one month ago, when I was three.
Mom: Derby
Brooks: yah! Dooby!
After noticing all the cool scissors way up high on a cabinet
Kenna: Why are those up there?
Mom: Because you cut everything in sight and it's not appropriate, so they're out of reach
Kenna, rolls eyes: Mom! I did that when I was like, four! I'm over it now
Mom: Maybe so, but you're not the only kid in this house...
Mommy serving drinks at lunch
Grey: Schwig! Schwig a duece!
Mommy: You want a swig of juice?
Grey, nodding and smiling: I want schwig!
We are loving his language development

Discussing Brian's "fan club" at various job sites

Brian: I just say I'm married
Darla: HAPPILY married. Don't you say HAPPILY married?
Brian, flatly: No
Darla: Why not?
Brian: Why go into it?
Darla: Why not?!?!
Brian: No point. They don't care anyway
Darla: Well, I think it's worth mentioning
Brian, smiling, knowing he's annoying me: It's not
Brian Bolger!
From the archives: Circa 1982
Said to everyone who asked what she wanted from Santa
Darla: Santa kicked the bucket

Mommy hugging Daddy: No no no no, MY Daddy
Grey: No no no no, MY Daddy
Mommy: No no no, my Daddy!
Kenna: Actually he is correct, that is not your Dad. Grandma and Grandpa are your parents
Kenna: Mom, I'm sorry about the ice problem
Mom: what ice problem?
Kenna: Well, I mean, I didn't know if I put it under there for just a medium time that it would fill to the tippy top. Like I only did it a medium time, promise
Mom: Is there any on the floor?
Kenna: No, its all in my cup
Mom: Then its fine. Next time do a short time
Kenna: So I can keep all this ice?

Brooks, praying:
Dear Lord God, I love my Mom and Dad, and I love my Grey and Kenna, and I love my own self. And Mom and Dad. And I love my new house and my old house. And my food. Um, Goodbye.

From the archives: Circa June 1982

When caught mid-swing and told "you shouldn't hit Brent when you're angry", Darla put her her hands on her hips and said, "well, I don't know what else I can do. I have no other possibilities"

Darla: Hey, does this make me look...
Brian: Old fashioned? Yes
Darla: What? No! This is in style. I was going to say fat...
Brian: Oh

Mom: What do you think you want for lunch?
Grey: Gookie (cookie)
Mom:, No, what about peanut butter...
Grey: No, gookie
Mom: or...
Grey: gookie?
Mom: no, cheese
Grey: No, gookie
Mom: Or chicken sammy?
Grey: gookie sammy? (sandwich)

Running through the house at warp speed
we do fire drills in our own special way

After hearing a funny story about our cousin, baby Kayla "eating" fake dirt from a fake plant
Kenna, finding a Christmas present for herself in my room: Hey what is this? Does it make jewelry?
Mom: uhhh, yah (shoot!)
Kenna: Who's it for?
Mom, white liar: I don't know. It could be for a friends party, or for one of our cousins, we'll just have to see what we need it for.
Brooks: What? Our cousins eat dirt! We can't give it to them!
Grey has a new habit, anytime ANY food is placed in front of him he looks at me with a glimmer in his eye:
Ewwww! Dat's gwoss! then laughs. Someone is going to be a little too much like their Daddy:-)

overheard during playtime
Brooks: No Kenna, I can't handle all that, I'm dressed as a commoner

learning countries and continents in school

Kenna: Well, where do the peach people come from?
Mom: Are we peach?
Kenna, comparing her arm to mine: No. I'm not anyway, I'm totally pale white. You're kinda peachy.

Mom: As soon as we get home we have to pick out our party clothes
Brooks: Ok, Ok, let me sort this out. Mom, you pick out Grey's, and you pick out Kenna's, and you pick out mine too.
Not quite getting the hang of delegation:-)
Despite continual correction, Kenna & Brooks have always called a forehead a "horehead". Now we have some horehound candy, and they are calling it "forehound". What on earth?

changing a diaper...
Mommy: ew! Who is dirty?
Grey: Buh-sie!! (Brooksie)
and it starts!
hearing the front door close
Grey, running to the living room: Daddddy!!! Daddy's he-ah (here), Daddy's he-ah WOOHOO! Woooo hoooo!
unfortunately it was just Mommy coming in from getting the mail. He loves his Daddy!

Kenna: uh, what is the recipe for fire?
Mom: there is no recipe, why?
Kenna: 'cause the kids want a camp fire in the playhouse
Mom: not a chance
sorting through our books
Kenna: Should we keep this one? uuuh, nah, it has too many words

wearing a one-piece with footsies

Brooks: See this white part on my pajamas? Its made out of grease. It makes me run and slide. The only way I can stop is if I use my hands

Mom, putting on makeup, Brooks walks past and pats my bum
Brooks: Hey there, fat butt
after I gave no response or acknowledgmentBrooks, laughing: Did you hear what I just said?

Kenna: Why does it smell like rose beeth in here?
It was ground chuck, not roast beeth, er beef

Kenna: I am the south pole
Brooks: wha-wait! If Kennedy is the south pole, which pole am I?
A previous conversation about righty/lefty/"south paws" was terribly misunderstood

Brooks: Once when I was biting my chicken, I was biting it, and there was a real live bone in there! A real live bone!
Dad: huh
Brooks: A bone! A real live bone. In my chicken.
Perhaps we eat boneless skinless a little too often?

Brooks: Mom! Did you kill it? That totally froke me out!
not the first time he's used his personal pluralized version of the word freak. Soo funny!

Brooks: Croutons, Kenna! Croutons in our salad! It's our favourite kind of feast!

Kenna: Daddy likes all shoes b'except they have to be nail toes
Steel toed:-)

Kenna, to Brooks: So in heaven your new body won't have red cheeks. You'll get a new body with better ones!
Put a toy together for the millionth time

Mom: Can you stop breaking this?
Grey: Baking dis? (moments later, piece in hand), Bake 'dis! Bake 'dis. Oh! Oh!

Watching the Kate + Eight finale

Kenna: Do you wish you were Kate?
Mom: Nope!
Kenna: Yah, 'cause sometimes her kids are banshee-er. And sometimes they are banshee-er-er-er! Like, totally. Then she has to get angry with them

Kenna: oh my goodness, that is sooo Geico
Brooks: yah, totally Geico's
They were playing together...?nothing to do with insurance. I guess it's a cool word
Giving the kids V8 vegetable juice for the first time
Mom: Do you like it?
Kenna: mmmmhmmm! It's just toooo good to finish!
So a very polite no to V8:-)
Reading a bedtime story to Grey

Mom: I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be.
Kenna, calling out to Grey: She doesn't live, you know!
Mom: Kenna, seriously!
Kenna: What? She dies
Can we say Debbie Downer?

Brooks: My seatbelt came off?!
Mom: Ok, well sit back and sit still and I'll fix it when we stop
Brooks: Why do I need it anyway
Mom: Because if you were in an accident you would probably die
Brooks: Well, no matter if I die!
Mom: No matter if you die? Why not?
Brooks: 'Cause I'd get a new body in heaven!

Brooks: One time, I was watching a show with my Dad, ummm, your Dad, ummm you know that guy you just married? ummm, Brian, ummm...
Mommy: Honey I know who you are talking about can you please just finish the story?!

Kenna to Brooks: Like Mommy's always said, less talking, more eating

After Mommy explaining we want to spend our tv time on educational shows

Kenna: Well, Jake and the Neverlanders is educational. It teaches you about if you were a pirate and you were lost, like, what to do about it.

(this happened the Sunday after the tree/truck incident in our yard)
Mrs Lori was calling kids forward to share interesting news about their week. Kenna raised her hand and was called to the mic
Kenna, striking a dramatic pose: Weeeeeellll, (foot thrust forward), I got new shoes!

Grey: Nenny? Nenny? (Kenny) Ug? Ug? (hug)
He's very affectionate and sweet

Brooks: How did your running go? Are you skinnier?
Mom: I don't know. Do I look skinnier?
Kenna, glances over: uuuuuh, nope
From the archives: Circa 1983
Misplacing her stuffed animal...
Darla: Oh shucks! Now what have I done? I've lost my best friend in the whole world

Brooks: Look at me! I'm brushing my hair! And walking at the same time!
Oh the talents
Changing a diaper

Grey: eeeeww! pee pee
Mommy: ew, dirty
Grey: gah-woh-ssssss (grossssss)
Telling Brooks why he can't eat an entire box of Jujyfruits in one sitting

Kenna: Its the same why we always eat dinner but only sometimes have dessert 'cause its not healthy for us. I mean, I do cry about it, 'cause I love dessert. But I worked through it

Brooks: I got something from the prize bucket! I just put up my hand and Pastor Q said, My boy is Brooks.
Mom: Oh wow. Did you have to something special to get picked?
Brooks: nah, I was just real behaved

Dad: Do you think that was a good choice?
Brooks: No
Dad: Why did you do it then?
Brooks: I don't know. I always make bad choices. I think there's something wrong with me.

Driving behind an Edible Arrangements truck

Kenna: Hey, that is on a commercial on tv! Like, if you know someone that is feeling bad with cancer, you just give them those flowers, and they're neat because you can look at them, oooooor you can eat them. Whichever you want.

Kenna: Shopping without Janessa is no fun

Kenna, "interviewing": So Jack, what happened to your house during the hurricane? Did anything blowed up?
Jack: No
Kenna: How about the lightricity?
Jack: What?
Kenna: The light-tricity, did it go out?
Jack: What?
Kenna: You know, the lights
Jack: No
Kenna: So Brooks, did anything happen to you during the storm?
Brooks: Yes, a shark camed
Kenna: Come on Brooks! This is serious!
Brooks, "doing" my hair

Mommy: How's it look?
Brooks, inspecting his work: eeeeeeh, not so good. I think you need makeup on

Brooks, telling Dad: Those other shoes are my draggers. These ones aren't quite draggers.
He got this term from cousin Holden. You can't run very fast in shoes that drag you down.
Brooks used to have a Warheads Candy Spray
Brooks: I just love sour things sooo much. Benember when I sprayed my sour spray? I loved that, but once I sprayed it on my nose and eyes. And hotness came out of my eyes. It really stung.

Mom: Why did you come into my bed last night?
Brooks, shrugs: It was just pretty spooky in my room
Mom: Oh yah? What was spooky?
Brooks: Bad dreams. About Jack and the Beanstalk

Brooks: look Mom, LOOK! A fonze medal!!
Mom: A fonze medal, eh?
Brooks: Yup! I beated my enemies!
Telling Mommy about her piano lesson

Kenna: you know that soldier song that called it macaroni? I played that one!
Yankee Doodle here we come

Brooks: What can we have for lunch? We're going on a date
Kenna: It's actually our date and our honeymoon, all mixed together
Mom: oh my! I must prepare a pretty special meal then!
Trying to "sleep in" at the hotel at 6:15am
Mommy: Are you stinky? Go get me a die-dee (diaper)
Grey runs off, goes to the trash, gets out a dirty diaper, returns to my bed and tosses it up onto my head!...not exactly what I meant Buddy!
Watching the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Brooks: Whats wrong with that man's head? Why do only his feet move?
I can't even dream of the day when Brooks will have enough self control to not look around!
When asked what his favourite part of the Museum of Natural History was...

Brooks: The saddest part was the head with the sad eyes. He was likely sad because he doesn't have a home or a body or anything.

Kenna, to Brooks: Remember what Mom said, you'll be dead meat forever if you twist your neck

Janessa: Come here
Kenna: No you're gonna get me
Janessa: No, I won't
Kenna: Heart cross, pinky swear?

Kenna: Wesley just said that we could come to his party, but I told him we didn't know where he lived, and he said it was a white house, {with an air of superiority} but I told him there are many white houses, and we still don't know which one is his. So we can wait until his mom asks us, or we can call
Brooks: Or maybe we just need his address

Janessa: What did you wish for Kenna?
Kenna: To be with Jesus, be with my family, be a princess, doing ballet, be with my Daddy, and that was all
Kenna & Brooks, arguing about if something is red or orangeMom: Oh, potato, potah-toe
Brooks, confused: It's not a potato. Or a puh-tah-tah

Grey: gick, gick, gick! (kick)
Our water baby adores swimming and kicks like a little eggbeater in the ocean!

Kenna, singing: All I'm thinking are these tear drops and cattle drive...
This lyrics business is getting wayyy out of hand..."He's the reason for the tear drops on my guitar"

Kenna: I just love making cards. I should make another one for le bebe. Which one should I make a card for? The one that's small as butter?
We're learning french, nice to see it applied! Also, we know people with micro preemie twins, which I told her were as small as a pound of butter
The first big word he can say clearly...

Grey: 'Pider-yan (spider-man)
oh brother...he won't even say I love you!

Brooks: We just need ice packs for our boo-boos so God doesn't have to do all the work

Kenna: Just wait, Brooks is getting his hair all done, and colourful, and its going well

Kenna: Holy cow, that gave me a brain splinter!

Kenna talking about how she wants another baby, now
Mom: well, maybe one will just drop from the sky and land on our porch. Then we could keep it.
Kenna: oh yah! That can happen! You know those gooses that bring the babies in the blanket? They could bring us one!
I actually didn't catch on right away that she was talking about "the stork"

Brooks: I have more better skills than you!
Kenna: ok, then let me jump on you
Brooks: NooooooO!!!

Brooks: I'm so big, I can squish Janessa like a bug

Mom: I have to go take Daddy his keys, 'cause he's a...
Kenna: nut job?
Mom: bingo

Brooks: Now I have three names for me, Brooks, Brooksoncarsonjamesbolger, and Itsy!
Grey says Brooksie as Itsy (and Brooks can say his whole name incredibly fast!)

Showing Kenna a picture of the shoes Mom B bought for Ann's wedding...
Kenna: Woooow, pretty! Which Grandma? Your Mom?
Mom: No, Dad's Mom
Kenna: huh, cool. Like if she is old, she can still have nice shoes

Kenna: I really wish I could marry Grey cause he's cuter. Only becept when Brooksie wakes up, his eyes are Chinese-ish. That's pretty cute too.

Kenna: Do you know Jillaine's real name?
Mom: yup, Rebecca
Kenna: Nope! It's Lainie!
For the record, I'm right: Rebecca Jillaine.

Brooks: Wow, I almost fell and died and breaked my head!

Brooks: Mom, Janessa's brothers pull weeds and catch frogs. It's sooo amazing! I can't believe it she told us that!
haha, they are my *amazing brothers* too!

Grey: Hiii!
Mommy: Hi, how are you?
Grey: Oh-tay

Kenna: It's not a maga-net Brooks, it's a sticker. I gave it to Tom and it stuck to his phone, and his phone is not made out of fridge!

Kenna, loving on her baby Grey: I'm so glad Jesus gave us this boy, aren't you?
Mom: verrrrrrryyy glad!
Kenna: He must have just seen his brown hair and blue eyes and known he belonged to us

Brooks, after seeing a Navy Seal demonstration: I think I want to be a fixer, like Dad. If I flew up in the air like that...that'd be too dangerous!

Brooks: He's a kisser...and a gross kisser!
Grey is in the phase of kissing everyone on the lips

Brooks: Do you think you'd like to be Spidey?
Mom: Nah, I'm happy just to be a mom
Brooks: Well, if you want to be Spidey, you can just change your computer name to Darby Jane Spidey. If you want.
Not only does he know our real address, but my blog address too!

Brooks, learning a Bible verse: Be kind one to another, kindergarten, forgiving one another
...that ought to be tenderhearted:-)
talking about our friends, who are absolutely
identical twins
Brooks: How old is Tate's brother?
Mom: nine
Brooks: oh, how old is the other brother?
Mom: nine
Brooks: they're both nine?! huh! They must be, like, twins!!
oh really?! That's what gave it away??! He's not the most observant child, obviously!

Mommy: Who's excited?
Kenna & Brooks, in unison: Meeee!
Mommy: Who's going to be obedient?
Kenna & Brooks, in unison: Meeee!
Mommy: Who's going to be the most obedient?
Grey: Me!

Kenna: I'm thinking of a number in my head between 4 and 5, what is it?
Brooks: No no. I'm thinking of a number between 4 and 100, guess it.
These kids are really all or nothing with their margins!

Brooks, getting water from the sink: I don't have a brain anymore you know. I gave it away
Mom: oh really? Who'd you give it to?
Brooks: Sarah. And Josh and baby Micah
Mom: Why would you do that?
Brooks: Well, I just didn't need it anymore. And its gross

Kenna: I know lots about what babies are trying to say, but I don't, like, speak baby language or anything

Mommy: How'd ya sleep, buddy?
Brooks: for fifty hours
Mommy: oh really? but how was your sleep?
Brooks: fine. I just cried for awhile, then slept for about fifty hours

Brooks: God is Jesus' Dad
Kenna: But it's one God made out of three God's
Brooks: Yah! It's plain God, God the Son, and the scary ghost!

Kenna: ...then I was trying to do it the other way and it wasn't working, and it was like, ARRRH!, it really makes my temper stronger

Conversation with Russian exchange student/worker. Heavy Russian accent
D: And babies name is?
Darla: Grey
D: Grey? Grey. Liiiike colour. Grey?
Darla: Yes, just like the colour, Grey
D: This is very strange. Why you do this?
*hilarious*! He went on to inform me that Russians would never do such a thing:-)
Hosting a very elaborate imaginary birthday party...
Kenna, to Brooks:...you can call them inviting, I call them guest-is, because I know what is good for parties. You? Not so much.

Brian: That's so Brooks. Completely brilliant or totally dumb
Darla: uh huh, and who does that remind you of?
Brian, laughing: uh yah, yoooou are not that smart
Darla, indignant: well, I was going to say you aren't quite that dumb!

Brooks: Stop badgering me Kenna!

Brooks, to Mom: You need to get more stronger so you can beat up Dad. Like more stronger so you can beat him in like, boxing, and thumb wrestling!

Brooks: Are you doing the muddling or the tiling?
Daddy, doing drywall: The muddling. What are you doing?
Brooks: The grouting!
Going to the dentists office for Mommy & Kenna's cleanings
Brooks: Hey! This is the same place me and Daddy got dented!!

Walking through a sunflower maze

Brooks: What is that smell?
Mom: Sunflowers
Brooks: Nope! It smells like poo. Or some other smell I don't like!

Kenna: Girls are more cooler 'cause we can wear dresses and pants. And boys can only wear pants.
Brooks: I can wear other things too!
Mom: Like what?
Brooks: Different colours of pants!

Kenna: Mom, Brooks just called me a freak in nature
Mom: A freak of nature?!
Kenna: I don't know, that's what he said

Brooks: Mom, stop snapping your fingers like that. I don't like it, it gives me a bad dream

Playing drums & guitar at a friends house while Mommy was in Canada
Brooks: Um...I have to go potty before I can rock 'n roll.

Going to McD's for breakfast, Daddy bought the kids a milkshake to which they exclaimed:
Wow! Mom does not know about these!
Mom only "knows about" actual breakfast foods:-)
From the archives: Circa 1982
Brent, playing I spy: I lee lumping!
Darla: Lumping? Can't you speak English you dipstick?!

Kenna: Brooks just broke his airplane, 'cause he took off the wings 'cause he wanted it to be a jet plane, and I'm like, sorry Brooks, jet planes have wings, and he's like, oh man! I really wanted it to be a jet plane, and I'm like, well, too bad, it's broken now.

Daddy, to Kenna: Ok, let go Baby Girl
Brooks: Baby girl? Baby girl. (laughing) Dad thinks you look like a baby girl!

Kenna: There aren't very many white cars in the world. Or red.
Or green
Kenna, in a "you're a dummy" tone: We're riding in a green car right now, so don't even ask me with your chubby cheeks and stitches!

Brian came home after we'd been trying to reach him for hours with no luck (lost/left his phone at work)
Kenna: There you are! Are you ok? Did anyone beat you up?

Eating a pb & j...
Kenna: Did you make this with a maple leaf?
Mom: No
Kenna: No, no, I mean, did you make this with a maple leaf?
Mom: No (...she asks the same question 2 more times)
Mom: No, I didn't. Do you even know what a maple leaf is?
Kenna: Of course I do. Don't you?
Mom: Yes, I do. That is why I have no idea what you are talking about
Watching Lauren Alaina on American Idol

Brooks, pointing at the tv: Wow Mom, imagine if you were that pretty!
Mom: hmmmm, oh yah...I can't even imagine it

Kenna: Dad has American Idol on his truck!! You have to see this, you'll never believe it! It's totally on his truck!!
American Idol is sponsored by Ford. I'd say the brand messaging has made an impact on at least one viewer:-)
Lamenting her lack of a sister...Mom: it's ok, you'll just be best friends with your brothers. That's how it was in my family too, it was me, and then 2 boys, and we were always best friends.
Kenna: Why would you do that? Why would you want a boy to be your best friend?

Kenna: bo-bert, bo-bert-dee. I don't know how to say it!!
Mom: Robert?
Kenna: NO! buh-bert-dee, buh, buh ARRRRH! I don't know what it is
Mom: Well I have no idea what you're trying to say so I can't help you
Kenna: ok, ok, where does Meghan live?
Mom: New York. ...oh, are you trying to say Alberta?
Kenna: YES! That's it. Thanks.

Kenna: Jesus is Lord! You wanna see Jesus, Grey? You'll have to die

Brooks accidentally bumped her head and "ruined up" her headband placement

Kenna: Brooks! Look what you did!! (starts crying)...aww, now look at me, I look like a goose

Brooks: If, if, IF you eat sand, it won't kill you
Mommy: True, it won't kill you, but it's not very healthy for your body, not very tasty either
Brooks: Well, I ate some outside and I kinda liked it, it was refreshing!
Talking about Brooks' first craft experience in Jr Church

Kenna: I was just getting really nervous about Brooks, like I was so worried, because he just never has any idea what he's doing, and I thought he wouldn't do it right.
There are no doubts as to her gender, haha

Brooks: I learned my verse! GO and PREACH the goblins. Goblins? Gobbb...
Kenna: It's goblins, yes.
Mommy: I think it's gospel
Brooks: Yah! Gospel. It is gospel, Kenna, it is

Brooks: Jou (do you) think I'm still four?
Mom: Yes, you are still four!
Brooks: When will my four number go away?
Mom: Not until your next birthday when you turn five
Brooks: No! That's not gonna happen! Kenna is five!

Brooks: You have to be a warrior this 'ear (year) Dad, you have to learn...
Mommy, interrupts: But Daddy...
Brooks, interrupts: No Mom, just wait, I'm talking to Dad for a second
Someone is a little disappointed his Daddy doesn't "protect us in war", or wear camouflage

Kenna: In the gym we were talking about telling people what you think without words, and I was like (incredulously) what?!. Pastor Q was doing all these strange things, and I was like, I just know THAT isn't real.

Watching the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine
Kenna: I love her poofy dress. Do you think she's wearing a crinoline?
Kenna: Do you see that crowd?! There must be a hundred people there!
andKenna: my favourite is the handsome man in the red suit (Prince William)
Kenna: Wow. Was your first kiss like that?
Mommy: Well, yes, but, I'm not Royalty, so it wasn't on a balcony, it was just in a church

Mommy: Not bad, right?
Brooks: Not even close to bad! It's really good!

Kenna: Why do you say we should never trust an animal?
Mommy: Because they don't always understand what is going on, and they can just snap
Kenna: But what about giraffes? They don't even have teeth I don't think
Mommy: Well, I'm not so much worried about giraffes, I'm worried about dogs
Kenna: Yah, like you can't even buy a giraffe at the pet store because it wouldn't even fit in your, like, house, or anything

Kenna: Our super names are Bubble Girl, Spider Man and Shovel Boy
Jack: no, I'm Thomas the Train
Kenna: no, you're Shovel Boy
Side note: Grey's is Nermal, like on Garfield, they think he looks like Nermal

Kenna: Know who is the tooth fairy? Mom's and Dad's. Know how I know? 'Cause I'm smart.
Mom: You are smart
Kenna: Yah, like, I know they are not in real life because they aren't in the Bible. Just on tv. Like God did not create fairies. But, they are like angels, only smaller.
After Mommy had a ladies night out
Kenna: I missed you so much I couldn't stop crying. I was crying and crying and couldn't stop
Mommy: What? Daddy said everyone was very good
Kenna: Daddy didn't know. I was just crying to myself, and like, I just couldn't stop thinking about all the wonderful things we've done together
Watching ESPN Sportscenter

Brooks: Look at that slam dump! Look at all those slam dumps!

Kenna: It's this thing you look through with one eye and it helps pirates find things, like shim-bury timbers

Talking about a Glade item she saw in the store
Kenna: Can we get this?
Mom: No. I don't even know what it is
Kenna: It's this really awesome thing, it just shoots out smells where ever you are. I just heard about it on facebook.
Well, thank goodness for facebook then, lol!

Mommy: Does that smell better, or not?
Kenna: I don't know, I can't smell anything. I have a nose stuff

Brooks, calmly: Stop it Kenna, you're making me over-react

Brooks: Mommy, can I have an apple slice?
Kenna: Oh sure, let me...
Brooks: No, no, I meant Mommy, as in, Darla
Sometimes it's hard to differentiate the play Mommy from the real one

Brian: You really are the best ever, I really mean that
Darla: aw thanks. I try to be the best for you, 'cause I love you. (joking tone) I wouldn't want you to find someone better!
Brian: I'm not looking for someone better, I'm looking for someone younger
If you're not dying of laughter, you don't know us/our sense of humour very well. Soooo funny!
a conversation between friends

Brooks: I'm gonna be Spiderman someday when I grow up
Dimitri: know what I'm gonna be? A spy missionary to DC
lol! that's Washington DC folks...3 hrs away. It made me laugh, it's so cute!

Kenna: I think we just need more girls, 'cause girls are prettier, and then when I marry Brooks, who will marry Gregor? Like there is two boys so I will have to decide who to marry!
I like the Gregor nickname, she came up with it on her own!

Brooks: I can't help you tidy anymore Mom, it's giving me a heart attack

Mommy: How many times have I asked you not to do that?
Kenna, guilty: Um, eighty-eight?
Mommy: How many of those times do you suppose I was serious?
Kenna: Only thirty?
lol, lets try every single time!

Brooks: Kenna is not helping!
Kenna: I am too! I said I would be right back in two shake-iss tail. You just have to give me a second!
I believe she was going for "two shakes of a lambs tail"

Kenna: I need a tissue, cause, you know, I am allergic to spring. That's why I get a-flection in my ears.
Aflection? Not sure what that is! But Mommy gets itchy inner-ears, so I'm sure she must have something like that too.
Talking with mommy about if something was real or just on tv...

Kenna: I know what you're saying, I'm just making the point, like, if it was real, they'd look like worms. Like, I understand it, but I still think they'd just look like worms...I think

Kenna: I love Jesus in the bottom of my heart

Kenna: Hey Dad, whoa! You got a shortcut!! Mom got a shortcut too!
We both got a substantial amount of hair cut on Friday. Brian on lunch break, Darla on nap break.

Watching Daddy play Settlers of Catan online

Brooks: What are you doing?
Daddy: Trying to win
Brooks: How do you win?
Daddy: Well, it's complicated
Brooks: Well, how do you comp-le-cate?

Kenna was talking about playing her new favourite game, Tug-a-bort

Mommy: Tug-a-bort? What is that?
Kenna: It's when you hold one side and Brooksie holds the other side, and you pull each other
Mommy: You mean tug of war
Kenna: No, it's called (enunciating slowly) tug...a...bort

Brooks: Look at that! Its hit Kenna right into the kisser!
Mii Kenna took a basketball to the face

Brooks, playing basketball with Jack: You did it! Good job, web-head!
Mom: What did you call him?
Brooks: Web-head!
I guess they consider that a compliment, since Jack didn't mind...Spiderman obsession? Oh yes.
Being pestered for breakfast...

Mommy: I'm not getting up until my alarm goes off at seven-fifteen
Brooks, running to the livingroom: I'll go check the clock!...HEY, IT'S SEVEN ZERO FIVE...MOM! NOW IT'S SEVEN ZERO SIX!
I enjoyed minutely updates until seven one five rolled around:-/

Kenna: Jesus is in charge of Satan, right? 'Cause Jesus created him and He's in charge of everything!
It's amazing how easily children can understand spiritual things

Brooks: I will nether (never) forget that I can only be Goody or Bwooks. Not Bwian. Nether, nether, nether!! 'Cause I have an excellent be-nem-bury (remember-y)
The "three, four, five" thing really messed him up. He replaces v's with th's in all sorts of words now:-/

Brooks: I hope there's no whales in this. I hate whales! I just really really hate whales!!!
Mom: Why would you hate whales?
Brooks: 'Cause if they swallow me and carry me away I'd never see my family again!!

Brooks: Mom! There is a buzzy bee in our house! You have to catch it!
Mom: I think...it is not a bee...
Brooks: It totally is, it totally IS a BEE! You HAVE to come see it
Kenna: Oh wait! I found it, it's only a fruit fly

Kenna: Hey Dad, look what I got today! It's a message from Canada.
She makes her birthday card sound like a telegram or something

Kenna: Do you like your birthday cereal?
Grey: (babbles a reply)
Kenna: Well you can thank your sister, she picked it out for you
Earlier in the day, Kenna asked why it was called Dr Pepper, when it's not a doctor, it's a drink. I told her it was named after someone a long time ago. About 3 hours later...

Kenna: So, Mom, when did Dr Pepper die?

Brooks: I know Mom! You can make my cake like Spiderman with Green Goblin and the one with the tentacles on it...
Mom: You mean Doc Ock?
Brooks: Yah! And Doc Ock, and then they could all fight each other on my cake
Mommy sincerely doubts she can pull this one off!

Mom: Oh! There he is! Wave to Daddy!
Brooks: I like Dad
Mom: Me too
Brooks: I just like to call him Bwian
Mom: Oh yah? When do you call him that?
Brooks: Just about every day

Brooks: Which way are we going?...oh wait, I know where we are! There is the Eiffel Tower!
He calls all church steeples the Eiffel tower

Kenna: I'm glad I don't live in a place like that (holding a picture of a big city), 'else that might happen to us and we'd be drowned and died.
We are very sad about the quakes and tsunami in Japan

Kenna: You have got to come see this! It will totally bling your eyes out!

Brooks: Hey Ma, what is this fing called?
Mom: A square
Brooks: Then why's it a L shape?
Mom: I don't know, that's just the name of it
Brooks: Does it measure stuff or what?

Mommy, doing laundry in the garage
Kenna, opens the door: Code, freezer? (Freezie)
Mom: Code, if your dinner is gone
Kenna: Code, it is
If you've seen Megamind you'll "get it". I thought it was funny that SHE got it, and was using the "code" to not say a code!Kenna: ...this was from Noni...
Daddy: What is Noni's other name?
Kenna: Auntie!
Brian's sister Ann gave Lauren this nickname as a child, and it's really stuck!!
Brooks was not feeling 100% and skipped church/Cubbies and stayed home with Daddy

Mommy: Did you have fun on your Father Son night?
Brooks: No no Mommy, it was a mans night!

Mommy: What was your class about?
Kenna: Heaven
Mommy: oooh, what about heaven?
Kenna: Like, who lives there
Mommy: mmmm, so who lives there?
Kenna: Your Mom
Mommy: (coughs) you mean my Grandma?
Sorry Mom/Grandma K, I thought for sure she would say "Jesus"!

Brooks: Mommy, I would get skinnier if I drank your diarrhea tea, oh wait, not diarrhea tea, just diarrhea!Mommy: uh no, it's just diet.
Brooks: not Dia-tee?
We're talking Slim Fast here people, I have no idea where the diet tea thing is coming from...or the diarrhea

Kenna: Wow, that totally blewed my mind!

Brooks: Are you very pwoud of us for winning the Grand Pwairie?
...Grand Prix, especially funny since my folks live in Grande Prairie

Brooks: What is this thing?
Mom: A thermometer
Brooks: What's it for?
Mom: Testing of the temperature of hot lava
Brooks: oh, wow. That's preetttttyyyyy tricky!
Yes, I am guilty of feeding them misinformation. It's just too fun...everyone knows hot lava is all over the place anyway:-)

Brooks: Kenna is my Virginia Bluebell, and I am a Virginia Blue boy!
May '11
Eating a dried plum and explaining how it's made like grapes to raisins are...
Kenna: Wait, so I just ate a plum?
Mommy: Yup
Kenna: Like a sugar plum?! Best day EVER!
Very easily impressed. Mostly she loves fairies more than plums

Mom: ...then you can come to the kitchen and help me pack up your snacks to go!
Brooks: fooooor-schizzle!

Mom: Well, I think if Daddy teaches you how to play basketball in real life you will know the rules and play better on the Wii
Brooks: Yah. Or I can just figure it out myself. I am quite the little boy!

After catching Kenna sneaking out of bed for the ump-teenth time...

Daddy, springs into action: What are you doing?
Kenna, begins immediate sobbing: Wait, wait! Wait! I can explain! I can explain! I'm just so... frustrated!
Mommy: You're frustrated?
Kenna: YES!

Listening to the radio

Brooks: What is that?
Mom: Just a test of the emergency system
Brooks: Oh, maybe someones been murdered or there's another emergency


Kenna: So what can I have? Like what can you give me?
Mom: I don't know, what do you want?
Kenna: You know, like something from when you were a teenager or something like that
Mom: Ok, well if I come across something, I'll make sure to give it to you
She's a junk (aka "treasure") collector!

Brooks, heading to the trampoline: Jou (do you) want to jump with us? It's a good way to get all your extra energy out
Mom: I don't have any extra energy, you take it all
Brooks: oooohhh, so you don't want to jump with us?

Kenna: Oh look!! I saw his capital teeth, they're through!
Mommy: Capital? Why do you say that?
Kenna: 'Cause his lowercase ones are already in
Mommy: They're just called upper...not capital...

Kenna: I am the biggest
Brooks: I am the biggest too!
Kenna: No. NO! You are just tipping up your head, you are not the biggest, I am. I'm older.
Brooks: I'm older too
Kenna, getting very frustrated: You are not! I AM
Daddy, diffusing the situation: Kenna is older, you are both big

Kenna: Valentimes is all about treating others the way you think they should be treated.

Mommy: Someone can carry that into the house, if they are very careful
Kenna: I will be extremely!

Kenna, eating homemade ice cream: How did you know how to make this? Did your mom make this for you when you were little?
Mommy: Nope, she didn't because we didn't have an ice cream maker
Kenna: Wow. So you've been looking forward for a long time then!
Yes, it is *that good*. Apparently I've even been waiting my whole life for this!

Brooks: This guy is really fast! This is so embarrassing!
He kept losing his sword fights to a certain enemy Mii. He doesn't lose often in sword fighting!
Peering into an empty lobster tank at the store

Brooks: (sigh) I guess they've all been eaten. I'm so ashamed.

Brooks: I want to play video games, and then go outside. B'cause video games are more awesomer than snow...does that sound like a bad plan or a great plan?
Mommy: It's...an okay plan
High Fives and Rock Ons from an excited Brooks!

Brooks: No hitting Gw-Gwey, it's bery bery not unkind

Brooks, playing Wii: I beated you, Enemy!...Hey Mom, we're te-posed to love our enemies!
At the end of the Swordplay, the Enemy won, and Brooks "losed"

Brooks: Kenna, I will just share with you and give you the longest piece. And I don't want to hear any crying. You just get what you get.
Only 1 candy cane, and its his! He was planning on giving her the shortest piece. This is pretty much always what she does to him when "generously sharing". He learned well:-)

May '11
Kenna: Ever since I've been four I've been scared to be a doctor
Mommy: Why?
Kenna: Because it would just take forever, and then I'd just sleep, go to work, sleep, go to work, sleep, go to work, and it would be too much. I'm not going to feel like doing that.
After much correction, Brooks now says "three" instead of "free". Unfortunately, now he also says "thor" and "thive", when he never used to:-) Pretty funny!

Daddy: That is for your Poppa
Brooks: Who is Poppa?
Kenna: You know, your Grandpa-ther
Kenna, cutting paper and gluing it together...

Brooks, reaching to touch: Hey what is this?
Kenna: Do NOT touch that. It's a computer on a cross.

Kenna: I only like to wear dresses because I am a fashionist and I like to be pretty

Brooks: This says "My Com-man-ments"
Kenna: Brooks, you are only 3, you can't read
Brooks, in a mocking tone: Well, you are only 4 and you can't read ee-ver (either)

After driving past a cemetery...

Kenna: I hope I never get buried in the ground with a rock put on me
Mom: Well, that is only for dead bodies, no one will bury you when you are alive
Kenna: I hope I never die then. I do not want to be buried

Brooks: Kenna? Who made you the boss of the world?
Kenna: Wow! I have been waiting for this for years! My icing didn't break when I opened my cookie! That hasn't happened to me in 50 years, but I always want it to.

Apr '11
Going downtown a man was in the street selling newspapers to cars going past...as he walks past our window...

Brooks: What is that man doing on the road?
Kenna: oh, he's just the guy that takes our money and gives it to Ah-rock Ah-bahn-a (Barack Obama), and we don't do that

Brooks: What does Grey-Grey's sock says?
Mom: Osh Kosh B'Gosh
Brooks: What?! That doesn't make any sense

Brooks: See this? It's Hawaiian Punch from Tom & Chae. They got it from Hawa-yah

Kenna: Hey Ma, what is this creature? Edmontosaurus? Crappy-saurus? What?

Mommy: Man that hurts like the devil
Kenna: Devil? Is that that bossy angel who lives in that bad place? I hope I never go there!
Cute! But on a serious note, she is beginning to be quite interested in spiritual things

Kenna: Grey has the super power of snoring, and Brooks has the super power of smelling, so together we have...
Mom: wait! What is your super power?
Kenna: Thinking
Mom: Oh, so you have the best super power of all, eh?
Kenna: of course
Brooks: our super powers give us strength!

Mom, buckling kids into the car at 9am on a Sat: It could be a slow day at Walmart, or it could be a crazy day, so I don't want any...
Brooks interrupts: hoola-gants?
Mom: right!
Kenna: What is a hooligant anyway?
Brooks: Its when you run around like a cwazy person

Mar '11
Kenna: Having a baby was the best decision we ever made. Maybe you could have another baby next weekend

Kenna, imaginary drive-thru order: I'll have a chil-lac-toe and a hamburger please

Kenna: If I am correct, I am correct, if I am wrong then I am wrong
Brooks: Kenna, you are wrong
Kenna: Lets see...nope, I am correct. That makes me a winner, and you a loser
Brooks: Yup!

Kenna: ...her name is Bar-doe
Mommy: No, Margo
Kenna: oh, that's a crazy name for a little girl!
Mommy: oh yah? What do you think her name should be?
Kenna: um, Kenna
Mommy: yah, 'cause that is not a crazy name at all right, it's beautiful
Kenna, all smiles: mhmmm!

Kenna: Brooks! You listen to me! You listen what your sister wants!

Kenna, sitting at the table with only Brooks: I have to go potty Brooks. Make sure nobody takes my food.
Asking the only food taker to be the guardian...interesting

Kenna: So Brooks, how was your time out?
Brooks: It was...pretty bad actually

Kenna: Well wanna know what it's about? They steal the pirra-mints (pyramids) and then, oh! I can't tell you that part because I might spoil the end. And then they...oh, I can't tell you that either. Wanna hear a funny part? It won't spoil it.
Brooks: And there are bad parts too, so if you get scared you can come sit by me.
Despicable Me

Feb '11
Kenna, telling Dad: After Grey's birthday, we are going to Playhouse Disney. Not TO Playhouse Disney, like you don't get to be on the show, you just get to go there like Laney did and Jack-Jack
We have no plans to visit Disney World anytime soon!

Mommy: Ok my little Qwet-zel-co-atlus's, let go!
Brooks: We are not Qwet-zel-co-atlus's, they are flying terra-saurs. We are kids.
Of course, no idea how to spell those, that's how you say it:-)

Brooks: Everyone uses their brains God gave them to be smart. Even Dad.

Brooks: I just got a dino-soy book at the lie-barry, and a free-sun (Capri Sun) foy a drink, and gummy treats foy a snack. This is the luckiest day of my life!!

Kenna: That was in the Coffee Coke
Mommy: It's Coffee CoVE (a room in our church)
Kenna: Cove? I don't think so. That's not what everybody says. It's, you know, Coffee and, you know, Coke

Jan '11
Brooks: Hey Mom, this hat is from Bwent, know how I know that? (catches a wiff of my coffee) Whhhhaaaat is that I smell?? (audible sniffing) That smells like Peppermint Mocha. Does it have caffeine?
The next question is always, 'can I have the rest'. He is a coffee expert!

Kenna: I just can't finish this. Every time I try to eat it, I just feel the barfs coming so I can't

Brooks: I really wish I could play an instrument
Mom: Well what do you want to play?
Brooks: Maybe the French Hoy-n or somethin'
And that was a very unexpected choice!

Kenna: Oh wow, I didn't know New 'Ears was a juh-ma-ma party. ...muh-ja-ma, juh-ma-ma...I just can't get it right!
They get to wear their pajama's to the New Years party!

Kenna, about to take a bath with Grey: Putting your face in the water means you drown
Mom: Right
Kenna: So if I see him do that I'll scream bloody murder
Mom, laughing: Sounds good, thanks

Brooks: Why did you eat a kids vitamin instead of yours? This is inceptable!
...which is not acceptable or unacceptable. He says it all the time with such disdain.

Kenna, singing: Deck the halls with thousan' dollies...

Kenna, singing: Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Upside down and inside out...(she then trails off and starts over)

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