Thursday, January 3, 2013

Status Updates 2013

6/20/13: Welcome to the world, Mackenzie Esther Kennedy! And a congrats to my brother Davis, and his saintly wife, Dani - that baby was 10lbs9oz & 22ins long!!

6/18/13: Summer is here! LOVING having time off from extra kids (=work). Celebrated that fact by sleeping in until 9am yesterday, go me!

6/15/13: Brian's truck was robbed again. Not much to take, they messed up papers, took a drill (not the charger), and some wrenches in a toolbox. :-/ It's been about 3 years since this has happened...boooo

6/14/13: Happy Anniversary Brian! 10 years, wow!! And happy birthday to Jillaine!

6/6/13: First tropical storm of the season is headed our way!

5/29/13: Ran a scheduled/routine/suggested (by the computer) update on my computer...and now it won't turn on. So far, no luck with system recovery. Someone is looking at it today, praying for a good outcome...

5/26/13: A wonderful Memorial Day weekend, so far...beach tomorrow?

5/22/13: A fun night last night with the Dufek's in Williamsburg! The kids were up playing like crazies until almost today is gonna be "fun" :-)

5/15/13: The last night of regular Awanas for the year! So proud of both my clubbers for hiding so much of God's word in their hearts!

5/10/13: Happy Birthday to my brother Kaden (7th), my friend Audra (8th) & my Love (10th)!

5/3/13: Realized I didn't have enough eggs to bake everything I needed to, today at 8:35. We left at 8:40 - Me and 5 kids - went to Walmart, and were home for 9am, in time for Ardyn's arrival. Whew! A close one! (And did a bunch of other shopping while I was there, too!)

5/2/13: Happy Birthday to my Brooks!

4/24/13: Menu planning for May. How many meals can I come up with that do not involve using the oven, only the stove top?

4/12/13: Finally, almost, recovered from our epic trip to Canada. And currently craving that Canadian chocolate mint tea! {sigh}

3/29/13: Benefit They're Real and {Benefit} Watt's Up, for the WIN!

3/27/13: Packing packing packing...whew. Will it all fit in 2 suitcases?

3/21/13: Happy Birthday to our big boy, Lleyton Grey! We love you!

3/19/13: Happy 15th birthday to my brother, Lehman and Happy 2nd birthday to my niece, Kayla!

3/15/13: Happy Birthday to our baby doll, Kennedy Shea! We love you!

3/12/13: Grilled cheese for 6 children...I hope this is enough! Pic:

3/11/13: Can we please just never "fall back" ever again. I love daylight savings but hate changing the time!

3/8/13: It's a Wreck-It Ralph and crafting kind of day!

3/5/13: Cake planning for our upcoming birthdays!! Can't wait to share what we have in store:-) Yummy!

2/26/13: My new passport has arrived! That was FAST, Canada. Merci beaucoup! Won't have to do that again until 2018...:-)

2/25/13: so over this cough! Grateful for a good nights sleep, but seriously this needs to be over quickly. I'm about to bruise a rib! On the plus side - coughing seems to be a great ab workout:-)

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