Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sunday's Trial

When I picked Kenna up from her class on Sunday, we collected her crafts and papers. She immediately was pretty much frantic, looking for her "black, circle thing". I said that was all that had her name on it, so we were good. Then the tears flowed. Alright, go ask Miss Molly what you're missing. So she asked if her teacher had seen this black circle thing. I had NO IDEA what she was talking about, and she was getting really worked up over it (crying turned to sobbing pretty quick), so we left. I told her she needed to get self-control, because no one can understand her when she's crying like this.

She ran to Brian and told him of her plight. And the tears just couldn't stay away. Thankfully, he immediately knew what she was talking about. Her Kennedy keychain. It had been mine, it has the Kennedy tartan on it (dark green - not black), and she's discovered it and keeps it as one of her treasures. I had suggested she NOT bring it to church, and I thought she listened to that and left it in the car. Apparently not. At least now I knew what I was looking for. She was confident she put it in a certain "safe place". Forgetting there are many other children that may have thought that it was a toy for the taking. I have rarely ever seen her cry so hard. She was truly devastated at it's loss. We asked everyone we could, and searched high and low, but it was gone. I told her we'd just have to keep checking the lost and found. Perhaps someone will find it or return it to there.

I got a text the other's been found! Wow. So she made a card to give to the little girl that found it. I told her what letters to write "next", as she can obviously not spell this well, - the heart and her name were all her though:-) Her writing is pretty messy I think...and she tries to do some things 'backwards' (she's a lefty), but, I should give her a break! She's only 4 after all! So it's probably not bad in light of that. Her writing is much better in her composition book, where there are lines.

And we've decided when Mommy suggests we leave something at home, it would be best to listen to that advice.
Zoe. ThanK eyou for fIndinG My KeychaIn

A random rock star moment. He never passes up a chance to play us a little tune :-)


  1. As a former kindergarten teacher--VERY impressive. Way to go, Kenna!!

    And totally reminds me of what would happen with Ivory, my two year old.

  2. Brooks makes me think of grandpa K, sitting in a rocking chair with a guitar and the peace windows hat!