Monday, October 4, 2010

One of the Great Ones

It has been said, there are no great men of God, only weak men, with a great God.

My Grandma (Clarene Shantz), passed from this world, into her eternal home, on Friday evening (October 1st). This news is sad for us, because it's always harder to be left behind, than to be the one moving on to new places. And what better place than heaven!

My Grandma had a life that could be regarded as typical in almost every way. In the grand scheme of the world, she wouldn't stand out in the crowd, I guess, just like most of us. Sure, she had her share of the death of her 4 day old baby boy. And of tragedy, when her 18 year old son was killed in an industrial accident. But her life was marked with great joy too. She was a faithful pastors wife for 53 years. She raised her children well, and they love the Lord. She has 18 grandchildren, and 7 (soon to be 10!) great-grandchildren. She was a wonderful cook, loved to entertain, and was very hospitable and helpful. She was very creative and crafty, she loved to paint, crochet, name it, and she's probably done it, and done it well. She was thrifty, generous, and resourceful. She was practical. She loved the Lord. It was only about 6 six weeks ago, while visiting her, and she was talking about the funeral arrangements she was thinking of. She said,

"I don't want any eulogies. If you don't know what kind of a person I was, there's no point in trying to convince you now. There will be plenty of people there who have never heard or accepted the gospel, and I want the time to be put to good use."

And didn't she have a valid point? There is no need to try to make her out to be better than she was. She was human, and just as imperfect as the next person. But she was remarkable too, and we can (and have!) learned much from her, by the way she lived her life. As a testimony to God. She knew the secret of life...and it's Jesus. She knew that His gift of Life was the the most important thing in the world. She wasn't concerned that her name be lifted up, but that God could be glorified in her death, and the gospel shared to people who are still lost. She was a great lady, and I will miss her very much. I won't be able to attend her funeral, so I am not sure how it will all be, in the end, but I know her wishes will be honoured, and the gospel of Christ shared.
She has left a godly legacy, passed to her children, her grandchildren, and her great-grandchildren...and it will never end.

It has been said that there are no great men of God, only weak men, with a great God.

My Grandma knew this.

And in her weakness, HE was made great.

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  1. So sorry you can't make it to the funeral, Darla. But, I'm sure she appreciates it far more that you came up to spend quality time with her while she was still alive. Praying for you as you grieve your loss and celebrate her new life without pain.