Sunday, October 31, 2010


We went to a Halloween/Harvest party a local church puts on. Bouncy houses, hotdogs, popcorn, games...the kids has a blast!...and got lots of candy. We dressed our dress up clothes, basically. Haha! My happy halloween rule, I don't really want to purchase a costume:-) They wanted to dress up, so I let them, and bought a few little things to supplement their dress-up gear (new fairy wand and cowboy hat, for example). A good time was had by all.
Princess, Polar Bear, Cowboy

Grrrr! I'm the Polar Bear that refuses to keep my hood (with ears) on!

Don't know why the bandana is like that. I didn't notice it until looking at the pics. He didn't want it on his neck, it was attached to his canteen

Goatee, complete with "dot", like Daddy's (Brian's mole...Brooks loves it!)

Princess makeup, with a significant amount of glitter on her face. It's gold and orangey looking in the pic (lighting?) but it was pink, and pretty cute in person!

The most adorable little bear EVER. Don't you want to kiss him up? It is exceedingly difficult to get makeup on a baby while they are awake by the way. This was as good as we could do!

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