Thursday, October 7, 2010

Recent Savings

Some things I have gotten recently for free or close to free! The pics standing up in the back are on wrapped canvas, I love them!! Note...Kenna's shoes pictured are her old/current ones. I ordered another pair from JC Penney's but they haven't arrived yet, and I got them for .49! (clearance section, with a $10 off & free shipping coupon!) They are almost the same as her old ones, just black shoes for Sundays. For all of this stuff = 4 burgundy towels, 2 pictures turned into canvases, 1 collage print, Lands End shoes for me, Sunday shoes for Kenna. I paid a total of 30.05.

I should have paid...drumroll please...177.93!! That's an incredible savings of 147.88. Granted, I wouldn't have purchased these items (not necessities, maybe other than Kenna's shoes), if they hadn't been very nearly free, but who can pass up (huge, great) towels for under 2.50 shipped?!
My loot. I'm pleased with my online bargain hunting in September!!

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