Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Makeup of 2013

A few faves I've fallen in love with this year. You all likely are aware of my long time love affair with MAC makeup. I love it. I truly do. Almost everything I wear is MAC. But this year I ventured out into the "drugstore" realm, and found a few gems that are definitely worth sharing. I have not given up any of my MAC faves, but just added to them with some affordable options. This post is for things that are *not* MAC.
Exception: Lipsticks - I still haven't found anything that I like the look, feel or wear-ability of, as much as MAC's. My go-to shades for 2013 were Honeylove (on the Left, it's a creamy nude shade) and Blankety is my current #1 (on the Right). I wear these with either the Spice or Stripdown liner (MAC), depending on the look I am going for (Stripdown is the go-to choice these days)

Benefit's Watt's Up! Highlighter - $30 at Sephora. Although pricey it will last your whole life long, almost guaranteed. I use this when contouring my nose, usually. Sometimes on my brow line too. It adds light and life to your face without making you seem like you're trying to pretend you are 20 years old again, with glitter or glimmer.

I use this bronzing powder for contouring my face. It is Sephora's Los Cabos #3, and about $17. It is a "matte universal tan", and with my skin tone, gives the perfect contour 'shadow' without adding shimmer, or looking dirty/orangey. 

Elf's eye shadow primer. It's $3 at Walmart, and for the price, can't be beat. Does a great job at keeping that powder perfectly in place!

My ultimate fave mascara's. Sephora's Full Action is $15, and I got it from Brian for Christmas 2012. Although, I do combine my mascara's (don't just use only one, I use about 3, one on top of the other) - it lasted me all year. It was my one request for a Christmas gift, I wanted another one! (I got it:-). And Benefit's They're Real ($22) is uh-may-zing. I can actually use it alone, which is saying something for me, and my mascara addiction, for sure. These two, are stunning, adding both volume and length

I got this on a super discount at CVS drugstore - 75% off, making it only about $2 I think. I am not sure if it is discontinued - I sure hope not. I've had it for about a year now, and love it. For a quick, "smokey" eye look, that lasts, doesn't crease, and literally applies in seconds, I adore this product. It's Revlon's ColorStay Smokey Shadow Stick 220 Volcanic. I only use the grey side, I am not a fan of the sheen on the white side, but the grey side makes it worth the "waste" of the white that I will never use.

Well, not new to me in 2013, but my old standby eau de cologne's - My fave is So Pink (Gap), and Brian's fave on me is Love Spell (Victoria's Secret). His discovery of this scent (in approx. 2007) is kinda funny...he smelled it on a random woman walking past him in the mall, and instantly fell in love (with the scent...I think...haha). Sooooo, I think it kinda lives up to it's Love Spell name;-)

This past year, these are the colours that were consistently on my nails, day in day out. They match everything I own, and I simply adore them. Essie Vanity Fairest, Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure 660 Pat on the Black, Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure 812 Nightwatch, and an excellent top coat, adding both sheen and strength for no-chipping etc...Seche Vite. I was given this, but am in love, and I think it can be purchased at beauty supply stores.

I use this a lot for quick run-out-the-door makeup application - This covers my dark under eyes pretty well with no concealer at all! Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse. I apply & blend with my fingers, instead of a sponge for this one. But I like the way it feels, I like the way it looks, and I like that it does not have sunscreen in it. I have the shade Porcelain Ivory Light 1, and really like it. This was given to me by someone who didn't like it...but I'm a fan.

This eyeliner is really great. It's not necessarily "quick" to apply, unless you are good with a brush:-) BUT. The colour lasts and lasts, and doesn't run. I also LOVE the shade, and it's all around my absolute fave liner, possibly of all time. It is L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Lacquer Liner in 172 Navy. It's dark enough to look black without quite the harshness of black (other than this, I wear dark brown liners, as the black ones somehow accentuate something "off" in my skintone/eyes.

This past year, I started playing around with fake lashes. I bought a 3 pack of these ones from off amazon, for around $8. I've only used 1 pair so far, two are still brand new. You can see the new packages on the left, and the ones I have worn on the right. I cut/trimmed them, as they were too long for my face. I have a heavy brow, and the falsies reached up over my eyebrows even (which looks ridiculous, by the way). So they come plenty long! But you are welcome to trim them to a length that adds volume and drama without looking unnatural. I watched youtube vids to perfect my application method, and once you've done it once or twice, it's very easy to do. It's also not obvious that you are wearing fake lashes, when done correctly. I had worn these on about 4 or 5 separate occasions (to which Brian commented that I looked good), and then one day he saw these on the bathroom counter and balked. I had to point out all the times I was wearing them, and he never knew...I think I've worn them about 10x over the course of the year, and still don't need to break out a new pair yet, so they are definitely not pricey!
A few "selfie" pics of my makeup from 2013 - I guess I don't have a ton, actually. Mostly because I find taking pics of oneself...awkward.
I was wearing ALL of the above in this pic (and more! :-) (lips were Blankety, and nails were Nightwatch)

No fake lashes in this pic. Lips Honeylove, and brown eye liner, not the navy one, but wearing the volcanic smokey shadow stick:-)
Fake lashes, navy liner, Blankety lips, and lots of They're Real mascara

No fake lashes, navy liner, smokey shadow stick...among other products too.
Funniest makeup moment of 2013 - just in December when I went to pick up the kids from a choir practice at church - I was wearing what is to me, a normal amount of makeup in an everyday look. Meaning, basically it's all there, but nothing "over the top" or ultra dramatic...and a little girl about 3 years old says to me "Wow. You're wearing a LOT of makeup!"
Her mom about died. I just laughed and said "yup! I sure to do love makeup!" and her mom said she is really into makeup right now, and wishes she could wear more, haha. I suppose in this regard, I am a very bad influence on 3 year old girls :-)


  1. Have to try "Watt's up". I've been looking for a good highlighter that stays. --Been playing around with make up a bit more as I get older -- and seem to need a little more help in the bright (and not baggy) department. ;) -- I love that revlon 2 sided eyeshadow! I have the one with gold and a copper-y brown. Soooo easy and smooth and quick. I hope they haven't discontinued it!

    1. I have a sample size you can have to try it out if you want:-) I have used it a little bit before I purchased the real one, but there is tons left (it's like a lipstick tube), and you are welcome to it!

  2. All time fav of concealer and I have tried a zillion, is Clinique's All about eyes concealer. It isn't dry but not thick and creamy. I use medium petal mostly. You should try it and tell me what you think. I am just sorry more people don't know about it. I never see it on make up reviews. I have even tried Cle de Peau, which I didn't think was anything special at all.

    1. I would love to try it! I'll check it out next time I am at the mall - see if they have a sample, or will let me use it there. I have a concealer that I like/love (MAC), I have fairly serious under eye darkness, and I've found it covers that the best, but I am totally open to trying anything for under the eyes...it's my "hard to deal with" spot on my face. No bags, just dark dark under eye area. Thanks to the german part of my heritage, I think!

    2. Cle de Peau is EXPENSIVE! Weird that you didn't like it - I assume anything pricey should be adored by all I guess (I've never tried it) - but it just goes to show how personal beauty supplies are - each thing goes on each persons skin in a unique way, so it's hard to declare something "the best ever", when it's only "the best ever, for me". I'd try Cle de Peau if I had the chance, just to see what I think